"Art With Heart" ~ This Fine Way with Fine Art Safely Helps: 

  • Art With Heart makes OUTRIGHT DONATIONS OF ARTWORK  FOR YOUR FUNDRAISER, CHARITY OR CAUSE. Validations of course, required.
  • Art With Heart  does happy 50/50s with charitable events for top images,
  • Art With Heart  helps you to own the painting you want here, AND help your favorite cause, as well. How? At time of purchase of art at this site:    find the painting you like, then donate to your favorite charity and email a copy of the donation receipt. Amount of donation is deducted  from your purchase :   up to 50% !   More.....

RECENT RECIPIENTS OF ELLE FAGAN "ART WITH HEART" FUNDS-GENERATING DONATIONS:        Proud of the list of groups and individuals helped so far by Art With Heart - You can add your name or group to this fine list!   !  elle