International Day For Migrants and Refugees - this i KNOW

Today is the Vatican Mass for International Day of Migrants and Refugees ! It included the unveiling, in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican in Rome. The instantly-famous sculpture is named "Entertaining Angels" from Hebrews in the Bible, reminding us to be good and kind to strangers, for we may be entertaining Angels.

“Angels Unawares” Sculpture by Timothy Schmalz, Installation in Saint Peter’s Square Vatican

“Angels Unawares” Sculpture by Timothy Schmalz, Installation in Saint Peter’s Square Vatican

This I know:

200 years ago, most Americans were migrants and refugees - MOST- but these people came to HELP, not destroy and rule, and yet often that was the case, till our land was born and growing and thriving in a way that was NO LONGER called "The American EXPERIMENT"

100 years ago, migrants and refugees came and with a passion to Make America great and better than ever!

But today, it is NOT the same at all - when the "Angels" are not angelic in motive or behavior - when hordes literally invade.

This evil tide does damage and states their plan to destroy and rule, though they do NOT bring a better way that might justify that rule. Please support in thought word and deed, those who run to us in the right way, and extend hospitality and compassion and honest co-operation.
HOWEVER: Please do not confuse "Entertaining Angels" with Condoning's not the same at all.

The Pumpkin Moment

I am painting small pictures of pumpkins and other Autumn classics to add to a show in progress.....and remembered a thing...THANK YOU MOTHER AND FATHER, now passed - 

It was Halloween on Greenfield Hill Fairfield Connecticut. The Grange system were early bank and lender/credit clubs and casual local governing body but as American grew , the Grange held dignity and still remains alive as an Archive and Consulting Spot - many Grange HQs are Museums now.
AND THE GRANGE FAIR is still really special because of the Patriotic history! 

EF_pumpkin cameo.jpg

IN spring the Fair, ruled Fairfield and At Halloween there was the classic Halloween party with bobbing for apples and the wonderful spicy smells and games and COSTUMES! There would be a mini parade and a vote for best!....but NO was kind, for the sake of the little ones, to encourage contest participation as they grew up.

Still, our parents would , kindly-wise, of course, knock themselves out to do their part to make the costume show "not unfortunate". I was a Little Dutch Girl, to honor our first Settlers, and I can smell and see and feel that costume at this moment - Mother got good at seamstressing and found the blue weave to look homespun, and organdy for cap and apron and sleeve cuffs and it was perfect with my bangs and all.

But the shoes! Wooden shoes in my tiny size could not be found and were too clumsy for a child who was unused to them.....hmmmmmmm. Design was going to get into a pair of Wooden Shoes of Safe and Light materials at our home ! 

My Dad was innovative DuPont and pioneer Army Air Corps - Smitty the Flight Mechanic; our nearest neighbor was an Aero Engineer on the Sikorsky team and they would spend a Saturday over a beverage and the latest in engineering and tech and design ideas. They got busy....

I think Mother was too kind to say so, when it was time to try them on. To put the shoes in best light, she put me in the costume first, to help Dad with the Overall perception - the Gestaldt - 

He put the shoesies on me and stepped back:
- and collapsed in dismay! They LOOKED just like Fairfield's aero genius, Gustav Whitehead's Plane, the passenger box coming to a point, with my feet inside, in cardboard that even a good paint job would not fix.

His grief over such great effort , for love and for my benefit, struck me so, that I reached out like Shirley Temple- "NOoooooo Daddy, you don't have to do that! " it's just fine to wear my normal dressy shoes! It will still look right. And it was just fine and did well at the happy fete!

So odd , the little moments that bring insights! 

I remember it as my first experience of a child running to the aid of an adult - I truly did not know I could do that! They called us “Pumkin” , little girls and loved our smallness - we were perfect they said, and it was not so bad being a small child and dependent for a moment.

In "Going to far" for a thing, we ALL learned that time. With love, thank goodness! Family.

September 11th 2001 - the Dies Irae has become 18

September 11th Eighteen years later l must do better than these tears again ! Only the Innocents get to Rest in Peace

I did this soon after the day and in a shadowbox it was purchased and gifted to a school to help the children in this wonderful example of human goodness and loving, passionate patriotism.

I did this soon after the day and in a shadowbox it was purchased and gifted to a school to help the children in this wonderful example of human goodness and loving, passionate patriotism.

  • As daughter of Aero people, I KNOW that Nineleven did NOT need to happen - God Bless America but we have a lot of nerve asking God to forgive our Human Frailty - when it was more like Human Neglect and Irresponsibility, not frailty at all. We are NOT worthy of compassion in the matter.

    IF you LINE UP EVERY ITEM OF ERROR and NEGLECT and ABANDONMENT and BAD word for us that might apply on the subject, it would still not be as long as the list of victims of Nineleven.

    And our EVIL GOES ON: When was the last time you saw ONE headline fixing some of the issues that brought Nineleven to breakfast one morning? When was the last time you and your neighbors took 30 minutest to do up an online petition asking our leaders to FIX THE ISSUES?

    Christ said it's never too late - getting on board at 11 o'clock is as worthy as the early arrivals, asl long as the good goal is attained.


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  • As this woeful list of those who died on Nineleven is read, I here begin a list of my own - just a casual one of our mistakes in the matter. If you have skills to pick up one of these and win improvements - guess what? It's okay to do that. THIS IS AMERICA - OF, FOR , BY THE PEOPLE MEANS JUST THAT. Especially fit seniors - what more worthy way to spend the days, helping with research anonymously, helping the grieved, doing up petitions to get even ONE of the faults addressed and WON OVER.

    The new Freedom Tower is wonderful and may it be a light to those who bother to act in the right way to win the right thing and restore our worthiness!

    But the Tower was NOT NOT NOT meant to the end of it , but the beginning.....we can SO EASILY DO REST that must be done before we can call it done.

    The list will follow here today and if you are not comfortable with it, I apologize and invite you to keep scrolling past me today.

    Decent human beings ACT for the GOOD

  • Error and Remedy ONE: Sloppy intelligence and Sloppy Security - has been improved greatly - GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOD BLESS THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. We are a resource - ask us to help - we can help.

    Plenty to be done. Top of the list: most of our major cities still do not have effective air defense and response fast enough to stop attackers before they bomb or suicide crash. SPACE FORCE WILL help with things above them but we still need our planes and defense satellites to collect data and ACT in our defense.

  • Error and Remedy TWO:

    Occupant Safety and Escape Technology was 30 years behind and still remains wildly neglected. My tears still fall today because I KNOW that The September 11th attacks did not need to happen because, IF Occupant Safety and Technology had been created as promised, the MURDEROUS MOTIVE for attacking planes and tall buildings would have been NON-EXISTENT

    My people were aero and tech - I saw the designs when I was with a bow i my hair and all eyes of interest in what Dad and his friends were so excited about that was over 60 years ago.

    Ride their cases and do not stop over this one - United Technology said I was very right when I shared details, MIT when I asked for their ideas for the escape tech, scoffed at me - and maybe at themselves - quoting here: "Lady, we're too busy designing video games."

    The designs for Escape cars for tall buildings work for new construction but are easily installed in existing buildings. IT's even even EASY. Give the project to your third-grader...maybe a school-wide project to let the children - thousands of them - submit their ideas? It's been eighteen years - not too traumatic for them and they are NOT afraid.

    The designs for up to date care for passengers in planes costs more: visualize the plane fusilage as the stemwork of a bunch of grapes - the passenger cabins are the grapes, and all of it nicely attached for smooth safe flying. They detach to land safely on land or sea, fully equipped with GPS to bring help, and gear to keep the passengers safe and sound till help arrives. As I said - costs more but worth it and woefully overdue.

  • Error and Remedy THREE: Lack of Effective Preparedness at the Pentagon: since Washington DC, as our nation's capitol, is always vulnerable, the Preparedness is little bit better, but how on earth did a plane get anywhere near the Pentagon in the first place? Really! Just plain old-fashioned embarrassing! Who among us has even googled how any of this is all that much better? Do we get decent headlines to reassure us that fixes for our faults in this have been created and are in place? I beg for reliable data.

  • Error and Remedy FOUR: Lack of Effective Preparedness/Synchronicity a major citiy key site. The Towers themselves needed much more - there, on site. Ask the Freedom Tower how much better prepared tall buildings are today. Still pathetic, because the remedies are even easy, often subsidized - all they need to do is do it. Technology and ordinary preparedness can get all occupants out and on the ground in minutes..but it's not done.

  • Error and Remedy FIVE: this is much too true of all responders , everywhere on earth but has gotten better since September 11, 2001, but the overall stats for response had gone down at that time.

    First responders were UNDER-trained and UNDER-geared and OVERweight and UDERfit , physically and mentally - and on the day when being in sync among the types of response , they were a Tower of Babel for Communications and Interaction.

    And so the universal crisis response algorithm of 'Report, Assessment, Plan, Assign, Respond ' took too long to achieve.

    First responders died, feeling they failed, though they could not have done any better than their amazing heroics that day - they can be proud.

    However: The Powers that sent them out so poorly equipped will NEVER be at peace until they have won up to date remedies for all these issues.

    BUT WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW A HEADLINE ABOUT LAWS AND RULES AND ACTIONS AND TRAINING being done to make our Response folk the best ever, nation-wide?

    Ask your leaders to get some "INK" out there on this topic. I know that some things have been fixed.

    It is up to me , up to us, the citizens of the United States of America to let them know our will - it is up to our leaders to help actualize the good will of the people. WE ARE TEAM.

  • Error and Remedy FINAL: GOD BLESS AMERICA - I am a patriot and I love my country, but we all saw that day, how impossible it can living color on our tvs. And we saw our heroics and our failings, in living color, and all too personally.

    The attacks happened
    Responders responded
    The injured and wounded cared for and the dead honored
    The leaders of the world decided on war and war was begun
    The Department of Homeland Security was created and actualized

    But no matter how many of the bereaved from that Dies Irae approached government we could not get any support for finally getting up to speed re; OCCUPANT SAFETY AND ESCAPE TECH FOR PLANES AND TALL BUILDINGS.

    AND TODAY THEY CAN DO IT AGAIN....some snappy planning, development and followup and we can go through this even now...
    with the occupant safety and escape tech updated, the motive for targeting planes and tall buildings would be gone....and so......

    Please see if you can find any action on this topic.

  • PostScript
    If for no other reason, see what one Nineleven cost ( from CNN )


  • Economic Impact:
    $500,000 - Estimated amount of money it cost to plan and execute the 9/11 attacks.

    $123 billion - Estimated economic loss during the first 2-4 weeks after the World Trade Center towers collapsed in New York City, as well as decline in airline travel over the next few years.
    $60 billion - Estimated cost of the WTC site damage, including damage to surrounding buildings, infrastructure and subway facilities.
    $40 billion - Value of the emergency anti-terrorism package approved by the US Congress on September 14, 2001.
    $15 billion - Aid package passed by Congress to bail out the airlines.
    $9.3 billion - Insurance claims arising from the 9/11 attacks.

    Cleanup at Ground Zero:
    May 30, 2002 - Cleanup at Ground Zero officially ends.
    It took 3.1 million hours of labor to clean up 1.8 million tons of debris.
    The total cost of cleanup was $750 million.
    I think God has the right to see RESULTS from us, when we pray GOD BLESS AMERICA - and he bestows his blessing, we know in faith. We are letting him down, of course - he's God and we are each just a bit of matter and spirit......but so spectacularly?

    WE can do better. Let us help, we tell our leaders and today's immediate powers of free communication OUGHT to EMPOWER better and it DOES , but somehow, we are doomed to fail unless we make a project of some things.

    And that's where the Love and Hope come in....and allow us to say "God Bless America" in good Faith one more time.

    THE THING IS: it's not beyond of the things I learned from my redcross work is that every crisis is "stuff" not not intimidated by the scope. Pick one thing and do it. Join a team and do your part and it's done. Anonymously often enough if fear of reprisal is your issue. Did you know that the Constitution of the United States of America says we should experience Freedom of Fear of Reprisal? Not just reprisal, but the fear of reprisal should not be our issue. So even have a very strong case.

    But as the readings of the list of the Dead on September 11, 2001 come to a close, I remember ...that day and how it took from that day until Thanksgiving to pray one bead on my rosary for each of the dead. and nearly four hours to even read their names respectfully.

    And still I smile and remember I have art delivery due tomorrow or suffer reprisals of my own making. The bereaved of that day did the same: they took a second or two to share their message of LOVE and LIFE, mentioning the retrieval of happy new life and the eternal honor and love for those who died that day and since, because of that day.

    LIFE MUST WIN - God Bless America and all who were directly impacted by the Attacks on September 11th 2001.


Papers, letters and cards - fewer each year in my files,  since we began communicating online - fun, but we've lost balance.

So I decided to refresh letter-writing and found  proper Crane stationery;  an American icon founded six years before the Declaration of Independence and first choice for our best letters always.


So far, the box  sits on a nearby shelf to glance at , from to time,  deciding what I will write and when,  and most importantly,  to whom.  Savoring is important !

The purchase of the papers brought back memories: format, penmanship, spelling and grammar, and much more:

Mother's desk was full of wonderful papers and boxes with the letters she shared with my father - lost now but grand at the time, since they include their love poems.  She was always ready to share. 

Grandmother Smith's pride was her proper "Lady's Writing DesK" - a holy thing since literacy was even a larger issue for women than it is now.   The drop-front would open to reveal a world to thrill a little girl - like a doll's house, the little "rooms" full of letters and family papers and the tiny drawer of stamps - and the exciting Air mail tissue stationery to let it travel as light as the air itself.  

And her Jim "the Chief" presided over the Unofficial summit of the many Irish Uncles, discussing all matters of import, since the last gathering. Being welcome to join with the rest of the women, in the joyful palaver, of praise and reportage - and warnings about no-goods, "wouldn't spend a stamp on him"  - big eyes, small mouth, taking it all in.

On my visits i would run to set mail for pickup and collect the incoming at a run for Gram.   Oh! how she'd smile to see the letters of several pages - enough for a good read and the fine glow from it would last all day and then some.

 I remembered these lessons about letters today, so many years later and wondered. This letter-writing project is getting fun already, maybe thanks to the post office in Southport and Carlson's card shop next door:  we'd shop for cards and stationery, sign and stamp and mail it immediately.  If we were lucky to arrive just then, we'd help with the tall pendulum clock and then scoot out on our way.  My childhood neighborhood was surely designed by Norman Rockwell !  Thank you Angels!

And the box of love letters between my late husband and myself is treasured.  IN WRITING - the promises fulfilled ,from years of dreams and plans and prayers and lessons and wishes and fears and fidgets and longing.      Most of them written in college and Military days to sweethearts , newlywed and then new parents of such a baby boy!  And his sister soon after a promise to never be apart again.   Promises kept till death are as good as promises get.

This is a thing to think about - Letters.  Let's see how this goes.....

Friends - Lantana

BBB’s Lantana photo - she is getting pro with the cameras and is into robotics….birds and flowers!

BBB’s Lantana photo - she is getting pro with the cameras and is into robotics….birds and flowers!

A Facebook friend from Alabama has been a fun friend to me here in Connecticut and shares the bounty of her birds , flowers and property wildlife - today she charmed me again! Lantana - verbena, some call it.

I become elated when I see Lantana - They put on a really special sprightly show - growing tons of the robust florets in many colors on one stem…I’d delight each time they came into view. Like candy on stems, and the name ‘Verbena” rhymed with my Mother’s Albina, and so, special to me.

One would find it just everywhere, in several varieties, but then it seemed to “go somewhere” in the rush of making grownup life. But then Maude Taylor moved in next door at our lovely new home - part of a new thing called condos - really well done ones and every convenience included. Half of us were young families with little ones, our men home from Viet Nam and all of us thrilled to be able to make our lives in pride and peace.

I had done Red Cross work, and Maude was a retired red cross admin, who moved next door to us in NC in 1970-72. Though my temp response work was nothing compared to her lifelong commitment, it was with Medivac at Fort Knox and my first close sight of war, and her appreciation of my life-altering experience of it was vital to my health at that point.

I called her my "In loco parentis" - a redcross term for one who does the job of local parent...I had my college and works in arts for years and first real red cross war work, but I was young and with an infant on each hip, and Mother deaf in CT and no TTD or caption phone for us, I was missing her.

My redcrosslady next door became a really special friend. We traded books, quilt patterns, food things and when I admired her beautiful lantana , she insisted I have some of it for my own place...YES!

The plant burst into life at my place, too, with a really impressive show nearly overnight! and I smile today, still , at how well it thrived! LIFE.

Thank you BBB for the wonderful memory!

Moon Landing ! FIFTY years ago July 20, 1969 10:30 pm UT


Correct the time for me… Father’s hands made the gold foil you see in the photos of that historic moment, but all the research I have been able to find, yields varying data for the exact moment.

We watched live and it was evening - heaven! It felt holy to those of us who had even the most remote connection to the project. Proud of my Father - but not with him that night - he’d recently remarried and was with others. My husband and our toddler son and myself began the evening at the television, waiting…. and siblings and friends dropped in to say hi and share the buffet I prepared, in a maternity hostess gown….our daughter on her way to life….and THE moment.

We were SILENT. I thought we’d cheer and we probably did later…but to get any of us SILENT…well, there’s a thing.

Handy page for reference.

day we use some bit of tech or other that was discovered and developed for NASA - EVERY day! Details on request - or maybe I will post a list here if there is time - special day is pretty full.

People squelched this program over and over and our sustainability as a species depends on its progress. Living extra terrestrially and space travel and discovery are our future.

MORE: If we had been able to achieve a fraction of the tech advances empowered by the Space Program there would have been no Nineleven - Occupant Safety and Escape Technology would have been brought up to speed so that all could find safe landing in the event of trouble in tall buildings or planes….therefore there would have been NO MOTIVE for targeting it…………And STILL many of the tech miracles today owe their birth to the lunar landing!

Thank you NASA and know you are WORTH IT

Independence Day Blog note 2019


Praise for our president - the recent meetings were full of danger for him and his staff and he handled it all so well !

We are very fortunate to have him helping at the White House right now - because, in the long view in the Third Millennium, that's what it is. HELPING !

I will always think well of him because he didn't need it - such a job!

When our leaders find ways on the right side of the law to express their opinions in sessions, they will actually see the lights they need to actually fix a few of our major issues - I sink and sicken at the abuse our leaders dish out and and endure from one another - they do not even bother to include the word, "respectfully" half the time anymore!

IF I ruled, I'd have them all doing powernaps and meditations and prayer for a minute before EVERY single moment of congress, until they act like the amazing people they aim to be! In the Third Millennium, all the ignorant backward rock-throwing is absurd and makes us look awful , worldwide.

There is ia HUGE difference between "Let Freedom Ring ! " and calling "RUMBLE" like the sharks and jets in a gang movie of olden days. The gangs were horribly poor, illiterate (unless you count obscene scrawls on walls) and likely to behave badly. Our leaders spent years studying to bring LIGHT, INTELLECT and POWERS OF THE BEST KIND to the world's issues....but, for awhile now, you’d never know it.

PLEASE let's do better -

AMERICA is a MIRACLE we all agreed in our childhood, but sometimes my Dad would say, "Yes but "Screwing up a miracle is what we DO - we do it every time and we are doing it again !"

THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT TODAY WE HAVE A CHOICE AND IF WE CHOOSE DEATH OVER LIFE, HATE OVER LOVE , POVERTY INSTEAD OF PROSPERITY it is "OUR BAD" .....WE know we can do better ...EASEL-y , says this artist....."Let it begin with me!"


Father of The Year - Bob Parr of "The Incredibles 2"

I knowwww…… this is not going to make Apple News. It’s okay. I’m right and I’m right and I know it!

Few Dads face the challenges or reap the rewards of Robert “Bob” Parr, with an entire family of Superheroes to his credit! Wife Helen is “Elastigirl” and outdoes us all in the classic women’s mandate to “Always be flexible” , and followed by daughter Violet, who does protective force fields, Son Robert Dashiel “Dash” Parr, who owns superspeed and super scenario management skills, and the latest , the multi-powered “Jack-Jack”!

The Parrs on Fathers Day - Helen/Elastigirl with Baby Jack-Jack, Dad Robert”Bob” / Mr.Incredible, Robert Dashiel/Dash, and eldest, sister Violet who does protective force fields. Don’t you feel your family is a bit super, too?

The Parrs on Fathers Day - Helen/Elastigirl with Baby Jack-Jack, Dad Robert”Bob” / Mr.Incredible, Robert Dashiel/Dash, and eldest, sister Violet who does protective force fields. Don’t you feel your family is a bit super, too?

A special Dad moment - bizzy day done - peacefully-sleeping super son..for just now…so perfect.

A special Dad moment - bizzy day done - peacefully-sleeping super son..for just now…so perfect.

Every step of the way, so far, he is exemplary, and yet fun and human and passionately devoted to good and to the good of his family. A hundred times he is challenged “above and beyond” and he comes through admirably every time!

He works and loves like a modern Dad and with top guy grace, he runs the world - or a kiosk at the Insurance Company, or an outing to a restaurant or a morning’s breakfast while Mom is doing super rescues.

In “Incredibles 2” his sense of judgement and devotion are tested over and over - even delighting wildly in baby Jack-Jack’s growth showing powers unfathomable, while scrambling wildly to help the baby master them. Yay, Auntie Edna Mode! Her tech support and instant love for Jack-Jack win the day!

In the complexities of Helen / Elastigirl’s part in things, she depends on unconditional love and loyalty of her family circle and , thanks to Dad “Bob” / Mister Incredible, she GETS it and so the team family wins. He refers to this need to do “Team Family” well , in so many words, to his best friend and often ally, Frozone….. “…so we all can win!”

Of course, Jack-Jawk steals the show and our hearts, but no so much as to undo our appreciation for Robert Bob Parr/ Mister Incredible - “Father of the Year”!

Sweethearts - a memory and memorial

The Easter message of Victory over Death is the right note for the passing of these loved ones. Joyful!

The Easter message of Victory over Death is the right note for the passing of these loved ones. Joyful!

I received news recently of  two forever young sweethearts, in-laws, and dear ones,  going to heaven only a few months apart.  

The first time we met, my late husband was showing me off and getting approval  of our marriage from his family and friends.   His five siblings were next for first visits. and though I only had two siblings, my parents were both blessed with 20 altogether , plus spouses and children.   My childhood was alive with many cousins.  We were supers!  Ever-present was the love - a spiritually rich  matrix.

My fiancee said,  three of his siblings are single, but two older sisters married with six and five children, respectively, the latest, twins!  At first visit, across the state,  I thought the eldest sister was a madonna,  something from Mary Cassatt, as she  fed the latest infant!  Ah!  She and her husband are gone for some years, but alive through their work and children.    A few weeks later, we continued with the drive to Rhode Island to the second sister's - it is she  and her husband who have recently passed away, so the memory is crisp and clear. The twins wanted feeding a bit early and everyone was in the kitchen. 

The two eldest, boys, were enjoying a snack, the one lovely daughter was feeling flustered and her Dad, like Mister Incredible, was being her hero, fixing the issue - I will never forget his kind and gentle way with her - he was football and things like diaper duty were  woman's work in the 60s,  but he was ready and there.   Then the main event:  my sister-in-law-to-be  had twin boy babies in infant-seats on the table and at super-speed was delivering baby-spoons of lunch to both !  And yet so calmly and quietly and even with some grace.  

My jaw dropped!  I believed in feeding on demand, but with five babies under the age of six, what happens on the day when they all demand at once?  Tita kept apologizing for the hectic welcome - but I smiled and TOLD her I  LOVED it and I think she saw I meant it.  New Friends.

Many visits followed to our homes in Connecticut , New Jersey and Rhode Island and North Carolina - fine times !    Culture and sports,  good talk and fine food - and our own son and daughter later added to the mix.
Lives were so full of the graces in careers and prosperity and health and joyful living !   Phone chats, holiday cards and gifts at any excuse. Yes !

Then one morning it ended to to my sudden and way-too-soon widowhood, the recession and empty nesting descending - all at once- the curse of Job.  It  was too much of course , but it was not allowed to be too much for me.    I was glad I'd done emergency response and tons of child-related work- it was needed at home from me right now. 

We recovered and  re-designed things and we all did just fine . But since they have all passed away my  hopes for easy reunions are gone. I hope to see them with God one day. What times we'll know again !  

Here on earth, for two decades we knew unbroken bliss !  Not even death can undo us!  New adventures, challenges, and loves!  


Insight ? Jack-Jack's Validity !


JackJack and Auntie Edna Mode

JackJack and Auntie Edna Mode

Observing the Easter Religious events, I sometimes wonder - the best of the human spirit and integrity and miracle making must be constantly refreshed or it is gone and evil times always follow. How are we doing this today? It is not just religion but every scenario of our lives that teach us and light up our souls for a grand journey…like this:

"Jack-jack's" validity....from the funny family movie "Incredibles2". His Teenaged Sister Violet is very upset - her feelings have been hurt. She is distraught and very noisy, but finally, is spent, and she leaves the room. 

Her father and brother and baby Jack-Jack look at one another in the sudden quiet of her absence and react: 

Father sighs....
brother asks: "Is she having Adolescence?"  
but Jack-Jack, infant at his breakfast Cheerios, does the Sympatico.....lifts the bowl of munchies and smashes them over his face in grief! ....then giggles! 

Valid compassion?  

Exactly so - we miss it! We must be on time for school and work and so we buzz by the moment.

Sympatico! That he does the compassionate action reaction is valid and even logical for a pre-verbal child. ...... but the giggling , which might be not okay for an adult, states the brilliance of the baby mind....."it's all good , his giggling says - we WIN, anyway! - sad or happy...that we do Life together is the thing that remains the happy miracle, even on the bad day!

Jack-Jack's validity. Happy Easter!

Miracles - have some!

Spring! Daffodils and more!
Everyone is quoting Wordsworth’s daffodil poem - a Poet Laureate of England in his day.

AMERICAN Poets of similar credit are my study focus just now, though - it is not really fair, you know - America has only existed for a few centuries and the other lands for a few millennia! They got a head start, if it’s a race. So first we respect and do homage to our elders, but then we must point out our own MOST worthy poets. I found lots on who is best, but these two work for quick reference:

This page quickly and clearly lists the top 100 with links to more:

This one is at Wikipedia and more comprehensive list in Alphabetical order:

But then I think about poetry: my own first poetic efforts, and my mother’s love poems to our father and my brother’s contemporary poems in his own book “In a Mirrored Room” - I asked the library to stock it and they said “Of course”. Nice.

Then poetry goes on from there - to Saint Patrick and Irish folk with their famous “Gift o’ the Gab” and such a way with words! Irish Gramps love songs to Gram , after 50 years wed.

And the might Celtic Chief Fionn, pronouncing “ The Music of what happens - is the finest music of all!” Poetry is life - if you are feeling “off” - see the Poetry all around you.

Man’s desire for art and order in the midst of chaos lets us navigate it triumphantly.

Andddd.. that is how I got it to this bit of poetry -

the finest poetry I will ever read -

the finest word for a title:


Do you remember when , in “Lord of the Rings” , Frodo complains about the skulking Gollum being allowed to slither here and there threateningly among them? Gandalf sits Frodo down and gives a lesson - wise Wizard - there may be need for things we do not understand at a moment - wait - we may need him yet.

To most who love literature, the pulp rags at the checkouts are the Gollum of Communications….but not to me any longer:

"The Star" saved my son. An uncle liked the junk news at the corner store checkout and brought one home and left it open on the kitchen table. Visiting, I was helping tidy up , as he left the room. Alone, I lady-sneered at the humble newspaper, and paged thru it to close it up- when I stopped COLD at the headline: "Breakthrough to win over Aneurysm" blasted across the page top.

Having lost my late husband to ruptured Berry Aneurysm, I had not realized how frightened I had been for our children, I learned, at least that it was often an inherited tendency. Of course, I’d researched and talked with specialists till they got annoyed with me for pressing, but they told me there was nothing to be done - no test and no treatment for it. I breathed and bore my concern and then got busy making the best days I could for us, and watched. I just used to my own anxiety, I guess. Almost ten years had passed - then this article! WOW!

For me, at that moment, the world was a different place, with the sun coming thru the window in a special way. After reading it twice, I followed the contact leads, and I called in and they said YES the junk article was correct. The university center and doctor heading the work were located only a few miles from my son's college...Dr. Gary Steinberg said ..."Send him in - let's do it - and your daughter, too!"

I framed the letter that arrived after the testing was done - your children are "Asymptomatic" for aneurysm. I felt, inst antly, as though I'd been hitting me on the head with a hammer and suddenly stopped!

LIKE BFG in the movies, getting happily carried away over a grand moment, I could fill a page with similes to describe the joy of the moment and the tangible relief. That was twenty years ago, almost and not a headache among us - none worth mentioning. Left-handed blessing, that our focus in that department made the rest of us conscious of it enough to get into prevention? I knew my late husband loved us and I knew he made medicine but miracles? Possibly.

This Woman in the Arts

  • I was SIX when they called me "Artiska".

  • I was TEN when my first poem was read in public - not just in school.

  • I helped in community and small biz with my parents.

  • I was SIXTEEN at the local Brainstein college helping in arts a "prototype girl" on campus.

  • I was en route to earned top career path, when family crisis crashed it temporarily

  • Local college studies under top mentors - met Jim Albers, NASA’s Phil Stern and a hero

  • Love marriage redcross and military art installations per USACE with husband partner

  • Motherhood and Wellcome Corporate move NY, NC, and back to campus ECU and PCC

  • Pioneer in a Southern Boomtown in fitness, education civil rights.FUN...the fifth freedom!

    Watershed moment I guess: One day it was all gone, the babies off to college, the husband heartbreakingly suddenly and way too soon dead at my feet one morning, and then the recession nearly wiped out all the money just as instantly

  • Faith and experience not enough: the entire path for my work as lost in estate resolutions

  • Restart did not happen till I moved with our gifted teen chlldren, Back to Connecticut roots.

  • Financially blocked , injured, slandered, and overcharged and underserved, WON anyway

  • Children fine, college and career honors, time to go jogging to save me.

  • Reprised old wartime red cross work, rescuing recession-injured to the risk of my own life

  • Work and study in art-related - children and I were jubilant at the emotional victory

  • Injured again. With the good supports I'd earned, I was helped and recovered

  • Resumed prize-winning work - one at the White House this time- it’s a story

  • One for the Church I love - a Blessing - then moved on to a normal living

  • Now? get the art selling again and recover decent money. 

  • …oh, yes…they asked for the book

And here I am today - Who will help? SALES Please of this honored work while the prices are still affordably set.  I will soon have a new dealer and the prices will rise.

All along I have kept nice memberships and I will soon have a new dealer and the prices will rise to reflect his hard-earned commissions and ad costs.  A long night’s journey into day, but - COME to the WEDDING - I can probably promise it, if you buy the art of Ellen May Bernadine Smith Fagan - Ellesmith   at her online home of seventeen years,

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Gaelic Poem - The Finest Music


Fionn Mac Cumhail was a legendary Irish hero, urbane, cultured and cunning, 
who combined elements of warrior, seer and poet. 
In one story, Fionn sparked a debate when he asked his followers
what they thought was the finest music in the world. 
"Tell us what you think," said Fionn, turning to Oisin. 
"The cuckoo calling from the highest tree in the hedge," cried his jolly son. 
"That is a good sound," said Fionn. "And Oscar," he asked, 
"what do you think is the finest music?" 
"The best music to my ears
is the ring of a spear on a shield," cried the sturdy lad. 
"That is a good sound," said Fionn. 

And the other champions told what
best pleased them: 
the bugling of a stag across water, 
the baying of a melodious pack heard from afar, 
the song of a lark, 
the laughter of a gleeful girl, 
or the whisper of a moved one. 

"Those are all good sounds," said Fionn. 

"Tell us, chief," one ventured, "what do you think?" 
"The music of what happens," said great Fionn, 
"that is the finest music in the world." 


- James Stephens, Irish Fairy Stories