Hallowe'en Stories of a Sort

Do not let the cheery pumpkins fool you - I have scary stories to share at Halloween at this true stories blog.  But should they be shared at all?  Grownup scary stories are not pretty. 

Mayborn, my life has been a blessing, and very normal;  these stories only a fraction of my generally happy life.   More -  these stories  enjoyed happy endings,  but I certainly do have my moments - and then I realize most folks do.

  Life is not "Trick or Treat" but Trick AND Treat ! 

A list of my scary stories - details on request - or maybe added here as possible, with lead in and outcomes included.

There is the story of why I am why there are child-guard caps.

  • There is the story of life with no pulse at all, for varied reasons during the years at war. 
  • There is the story of childbirth and not dying like two of the grammas doing it - just almost.
  • There is the story of how a  woman's hair can stand on end, exactly like the "Little Rascals" movies, when her love dies suddenly at her feet
  • There is the story of abandonment by loyals, and being harassed by new, completely inappropriate, spouse material, or none at all .
  • There is the story of raids upon a grieving lady and her children for anything not tied down.
  • There is the story of rescuing staff of noble personages in panic over the recession, staff being exploited to the point of slavery.
  • There is the story of being exploited and left for dead in a shelter for two years.  And like Sherlock Holmes' famous cormorant story...the world isn't ready for it yet.
  • There is the story of how these scary stories could not possibly have happened - but did, prudence notwithstanding. 
  • There is the story of the destruction of fourteen years of honored online existence and the near-destruction of its business.
  • There is the story for this year: attacked by a mix of stinging insects and stopped counting at over 55 bites  -  my main job was not screaming. 
  • There is the story of wondering IF to tell such scary stories, knowing it might bring the reprisals we are guaranteed cannot happen in America. 
  • There is the story that there is not a "thirty million dollars" in my bank account for fair compensations for the clear malfeasances.  Oh yes..that, to this proud American is the worst, the scariest!  
  • There is the story of the "Troop Beverly Hills" moments, when the nail polish error cost negative impact to the entire integumentary system....and stuff like that.

And yet... to tell these truly terrifying stories effectively, I'd need to be paid enough for the spa afterward to make repairs from the angst, and a nice retainer for the right attorney to protect me.

Would it only insult what is otherwise the most wonderful Golden Autumn Day full of pumpkins, friends, good work  and the Autumn Art Shows under way and me able to be part of it all?


 Would it help or hurt the honeymoon with  my new Mac and being able to run again and dance and drive after spinal injury and earning the cash for the car with fine artwork I am able to do?  


 Would I win my justice or undo my happiness?

SOME of it I must pursue and win, or be remiss.  Some is hopeless and timed out.  Some of it stays as a thing to peck at and eventually resolve. One point may need very hard work to win through...and risk...and danger of only creating another scary story to survive.

What do you think? 

Scary, no? 

Happy Halloween!