October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month -

"Healthy Choices"  - water, fruits and veggies and grains  prevent and heal cancers.

"Healthy Choices" - water, fruits and veggies and grains  prevent and heal cancers.

Today the testing is easy and liberally covered by insurances and almost required, because it saves lives, and that might have included mine in 2009 - but did NOT.  And my happiness and insights made it necessary for me get active about helping with Awareness every October and I love it!  It's an honor to share the good news we enjoy toay - IF.....

The story:   Funny testing showed a mass that did not go away and discomfort.  Biopsy was scheduled for a few weeks later and I thought to detox my diet, and get some extra rest and exercise and drink the water to help the biopsy to heal fast.

The day came, and my daughter there to drive me home and I was impressed with my doctors imaging staff - "you take a lot of pictures, to be sure you have the latest image on hand ! "    

The smiled: " no - it's not that.  We cannot find it. It was significant - it was there,  and now it is not - we will try with an image details magnifier, but it's not there, so far."   The added images revealed the mass was gone!   

I was sent to sit with my daughter and, a few moments later,  the doctor strode out grinning from ear to ear!  "What did you DO?"    I was in shock ... happy shock..." Nothing...just detox-ed, to empower the healing from the biopsy! "   He grinned again and said - "you are fine - go home - and whatever you did...keep doing it. Come back if you need to, and don't miss mammograms each year."  

We danced out the door hugging and blessed!   Soon after,  there was the invitation to use my art to tell the story - good ways make miracles re: breast cancer and the result was part of a show that travelled for over a year and  "Healthy Choices" is here for your viewing and purchase.