Golden Autumn !

I think I am lucky - raised well with "the good lights" and a family who passed on their love of nature and life in all forms - here it is Autumn and the time of Harvest and taking stock, and being sure that all is set safely till Spring.   Winter in Connecticut can be grand and a fairy treat,  sparkling with cold or a long dreary trek, but Autumn if done well,  makes all the difference. 

Envisionfest in Hartford started it with in mid-September - the marking of the Golden Harvest time and Community and wild Autumn color and last chance to absorb warm fresh air and sunshine!  Now,  Halloween and maybe even voting and the Watercolor Society submission time - famous golden birthdays as golden and fine as the dazzling show of New England Autumn foliage . There IS something in the fallen leaves that heals something - I am sure of it. Who will discover what it is?

Bobbing for apples at the Grange Fair still happens here.   Spooky stories for all ages and Pumpkin everything!  YES!  Autumn!   Autumn - you can feel it put something inTO you to hold till Spring - like a loving parent chasing after a wiggly child with a warm jacket as he flies out into the  weather not wishing to bother.  

Autumn!  Walking the Manchester Road Race - Unless you are an internaiton running champ - many are there - it's  no big deal -just under 5 K. But if they told you you'd be in a wheelchair and you were walking in the wonderful sunshine and colors and breezes - YES.  Mirth on Earth!

Autumn!  = Yes I CAN!   I can recall the lovely Spring, the dazzling Summer and do just fine even if the Winter ahead brings more that some pretty snow and Holidays!