Presidential Election Day Nov 8, 2016

Last year's election campaign rattled me quite a bit, and I published a blog entry saying I could do better.    A year and a half later, I am calm and even appeased.  God Bless you President Donald J. Trump and I DID vote for you, misgivings notwithstanding, because I know we can Make America Great Again with you at the helm.

Politics has NOTHING to do with good government and yet we take it that way every election time for the esprit - our lives and the lives of our children are at stake and we "mostly show up and make noise".  Esprit is important in the world arena and in the hearts of voters, but there is so much more!    I have campaigned for my candidates and almost always either donate art for the fundraisers or  make the 500 phone calls.  I donate cash when I have it. I BELIEVE !

But too often , after election day, ours is  such a poor show that if we fail, it will most likely be about audience disinterest.    

We are government of, for and by the people.   That means we must DO something - a bit each day, week, month , year.  Not just casting a poorly-informed vote.  We think we can cave into citizens' cynicism and nothing bad will happen, but plenty bad does happen every day in this country from citizen disinterest.   

  We can bring a government to life and we can kill it.     THAT is the bottom line of "Government of, for and by the people. " 

 I think you should "Vote for Elle" as they said in Legally Blonde 2.   But this President is doing some things right!       When it's my turn, I am keeping this list, with insights , corrections and updates.  Comment welcome.


Why vote for ELLE SMITH FAGAN  -  she is America.

Glorying in the fact that she was a nice kind of typical Norman Rockwell American girl.  A super  background full of the best and worst and met with character, ingenuity, action and great love. The kind of childhood that encourages a person to be an adult who is ABLE to do a few things.

Her platform?  

  • Make America Great Again  happens with people who have some appreciation of our great land and will ACT to restore America's self-esteem:  travel restrictions;  EARNING the right to become American, restoring basic citizenship development for all in the schools, churches and community daily life
  • Money can be a winner again - balance the books as with any other group; give modestly  till we are in the black and then resume better generosity;  collect debts responsibly;  OWN the casinos - adds a lot of money and subtracts a lot of crime in that realm ; prisons CAN be self-supporting , which teaches integrity to all involved and provides enough cash to allow law enforcement to apprehend and  imprison as needed and not let things go by.
  • Clean and Green - laws to require cleanups of abandoned places and greenspace restored. This upgrades both public health and wealth and reduces crime that seeks the dark and dirty corners. Population life expectancy will improve with less disease.
  • Honesty and disclosure.  It's our country and digitization means we CAN be better informed and easily with even daily referendums on issues on our block, in our town and in our state and nation.
  • Thinking out of the box to optimize the box -    - world peace is not a joke   - police and soldiers have no reason to get lethal MOST of the time and  must wear armor and show at least the intelligence of the medieval knight...suicide is illegal.  Occupant Safety & Escape Tech that should have been done by our bi-centennial needs to be done NOW - safe supported ejection is very affordable and do-able - and tons better than Nineleven was for us.    
  • Health and life quality - has been crippled by bad attitude and uproar since it's start because it was new, but nottanymore; we can enjoy better success for all sides with comprehensive coverage - accepting dental and mental and family coverage as equal to other basic medical, since they allll surely kill if failed.     
  • Right to life / humanity - there is no longer any need for Abortion:  Church and State are on the same page. Birth control and the safe morning after teas and over-the-counter meds fix the issue, and there is the fact that today's Equal Rights Woman MUST take Equal Responsibility as in all other places in life.   If a woman becomes pregnant she bears the child and lets it be raised with our without her.  Society has come to accept the unmarried pregnant person as part of today's norm.   She can do her life happily, before during and afterward, knowing she has done the best thing.  We must never denying a life we have created.   
  • Thought word and deed - we are inundated by media never dreamed of by previous generations - we need to clean it up. Some images and words NO ONE should see or hear.   Do not say it is not our responsibility because it is.  When our nation sags the language degenerates and people swear more and use poor word choices..."kid" instead of "child' ...etc....these things are easy to fix...let's


 A simple list that WORKS for other nations and would work for us easily if we were not determined to be blockheads on the subject:  

FINALLY:    feel good and strong...
WE CAN FIX things because of our wonderful empowering and adaptable Constitution.  

 We DO, in our humanity,  buy our issues with both hands and we DO then expect respect when we merely react to these issues like hysterics and refuse to confront and win - and  "set it back to rights" .

We need to continue in equal rights on the basis of any criteria.  One bully is the same as another.

Our nation, The United States of America, was and is the best ever dreamt of, bled for and won!  

We have no right to neglect her to death!  


Vote for Elle and at least that much will be better.