What's in a name? Google-gangers unite!

"What's in a Name?" 

~ a celebration of the diversity of arts expression among those sharing only a name in common. 

"What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet !" ~ the famous line from Shakespeare, Romeo of his Juliet.

This page resulted from the true consternation experience , when an artist who shared the last name, Fagan,  actually suggested I change my name, so as not to confuse her online fans.  YIKES!

It was no joke to her and some trouble before it cooled.  The issue of reliable ID for an artist's work is important, and more about it at the end of this post.  YEARS later, I am looking for a Leprechaun behind that 2004 controversy AIMED AT me, since it arose at our Saint Patrick's day, and hope you find this page as much fun I did creating it.    I won the peace by first respecting her upset.  Once I realized where she was in it, it was easy simply researching  and sharing this  PARTIAL LIST of Artists named "Fagan" to help her realize the way of it online.  It worked. 

Take a quick look at this honored  list and followup as you like!   Google-gangers - my namesakes, all artists named Fagan, and a few others who seemed to come along with them, somehow, as I have done, in making this page.
It is our business to celebrate one another ! 

I hope you agree and will accept this invitation to join the celebration ... of a line, a hue, an image, a message, a thought, an inspiration, and the diversity of those who create them ! 

And now, onnnnnnn with the parade!   ALPHABETICALLY

Ada Fagan, South Africa

Allison Fagan - Ontario,Canada

Amanda Fagan, artist, former events co-ord for the American Cancer Society, Meriden, Los Angeles CA and .my Daughter...she does not have much posted online,but has won her visual arts awards, as well. Incognito on her honeymoon. 

Beverly Fagan Gilbertson,  the "Google-ganger" whose fluster inspired this page.  Friends!

Bob Fagan, NOT the TVwatercolorist...silver gelatine photographic prints New York City USA 

Bob Fagan, yes, the TV Watercolorist, Florida USA. John Leben, his film producer says, "Bob continues to paint and teach in the Ft. Myers area and he sells his work down there. " 

Brian Fagan - art, achaelogical writing, Florida USA ( I think ) 

Chas Fagan 

Christine Fagan - Artist 

Danielle Fagan - Digital artist - Universities in VA and Texas USA

Dorothy Fagan 

Garth Fagan - Dance Org, internationallly famous, NYC USA could not leave him out

James Fagan 19th Century Magnificence USA

Marc Fagan - Giclee Photographic Prints - Georgia Gallery USA

Peter Fagan, at his jump-off site, "Theta-g.com" A founder and webmaster at San Francisco Chronicle's site "the gate", 'True Who-vian', Tolkien fan, and my only son. 

Peter Fagan, Tyne & Wear UK find his famous "ColourBoxCats" and "Home Sweet Home" sculptures on the internet in collectibles and for sale. His no longer sells them, and the link here is to his present financial business. 

Peter Fagan, Sculptor and teacher Illinois USA namesake to husband and son, but no relation

Regina Fagan  Artist and Teacher Chicago Arts Institute trained and great smile

Robert Fagan, noted 18th Century painter - at the Tate, London and at Hunt, Ireland 

Sandra Fagan - American, lovely birds ! 

Sarah Fagan  - wonderful paintings!

Sarah Emily Fagan - youthful artist and Tolkien fan - good luck!

Sean Fagan, Arts Director for Clown Arts - Berkshires USA

Fagan Promo - arts marketer - Pennsylvania, USA


RE: Identifiers for security and legal purposes- see your tech-spert for online identifiers andthings you can do on every one of your artworks to mark it as yours without intruding on the art image...a sneaky invisible watermark of a sort.    The bottom line is that it is up to YOU to find a unique identifier for your work.  The equivalent of YOUR signature.  Beyond that, as your own style evolves, it may be easy to see it is YOUR work and no one else's.   I use secret hidden squiggles , sometimes a monogram etc...then I simply include reference to  it in my artworks catalogue - the one the artist uses for files and reference.  Some images will slip thru the cracks. that is the way  real life works, but even then: your digital photo of your artwork may be more than enough to do the job.   IF your name thing is so people can find YOU and not anyone else - good luck. Adding some middle name or keyword to your name and then sharing that helps.  Promoting YOU online a LOT helps. And for the rest, celebrate life and stay friendly  about it all or you will be undermining your own creative energies.

Well! That's it for now, folk!   And this is a partial list - it's a wide world with a plethora of Fabulous Fagans sharing fine lights in all directions. God bless you ALL!   Add your name here and I will followup.