2016 month-by-month news!



Pequot Library in Southport, Connecticut, USA  - historic site and working library for over a century presented it's 19th Annual Art Show! Honored to have two of my paintings on display there this year as in years before - companion fundraising auction and sales to fundraise to keep the Library's rose quartz outside and sofa-ed fireplaces inside, sharing a world-class yet nice, small collection of reading and historical materials and up-to-date technology. 


BUSY!  Work in the Aetna Gallery Show, the Preparations for 2016 Open Studio Hartford's Artstravaganza!  And ENVISIONFEST - Hartford's Annual Celebration of Family Lights in the glow of the Golden Capitol Dome. At  Bushnell Park, with its green lawns, Koi Pond and Fountain and historic landmarks all around, Color explodes with hot air balloons, 20-foot walking puppets in multi-colors, loving the children and their parents - borrow a child and let them befriend you - five kinds of music - walking jazz band  - rock - folk and more!  And tents and displays of arts and crafts for browsing and buying - and the wonderful ICE CREAM and other food treats!  The Weather co-operated and the day, the place, the displays and most of all the people - glowing with celebration of golden autumn and shoring up the glow to last all winter!


Invited to UPCOMING 150th Anniversary Exhibition - American Watercolor Society - 5th Avenue NYC USA      Founded just after the end of America's Civil War, it made freedom and equality one of its foundation blocks while maintaining the best in the form.  I have been a member since 2011 but ONLY after winning a spot in the annual show TWICE is an Associate Member allowed the "A.W.S" postscript after their names.   Thousands submit but only  hundred make the cut and are shared at the AWS home, the historic family-friendly , elegant Salmagundi Club.  Submission deadline - Thanksgiving   Notifications of Acceptance - January  and the show in April with events and then the winners' collection travels the nation for the year, till it begins all over again.  Win or lose - the participation is wonderful!
Thank you for including me and making me feel a part of the art, AWS!


  • SUCCESS!  This weekend I played "Sidewalk Artist" and will do it now as often as possible. "Catch me if you can"
  • Major website update  under way - we went LIVE last night !   
  • Great to be UNdisabled and after some setup time,  hope for upgrades in sales too!   
  • Watch for publishing news via Amazon's self-publishing options!


it's all about TAAF  - The Aneurysm Arterial malformation Foundation  ! 


Spring shows in Hartford!  

New Apple Computer do run it all with!




  • DINA CHON , CALIFORNIA FRIEND TAAF officer is having summer fun wigging out , after such hard work this season for TAAF -

    Dina Chon   July 19  · 

    Last weekend I ran into a ton of folks I haven't seen in a while. Normally this makes me very happy, but something odd happened that's stuck with me. In the midst of a normal conversation, someone remarked, "Geez, you're always just so damned happy." Huh! Well, no, no I'm not, but it's not the first time that my general disposition has upset someone, so I've been thinking about it a bit. And today I thought I'd say out loud that no one is ALWAYS happy... that in fact, I woke up fairly sad actually. My husband was already gone to work, my kids are away, and whatever I did to my back weeks back will not let me go. I stayed up WAY too late so I couldn't put in my contacts which reminded me that I really should buy new glasses... oh, but not before all the back to school stuff, or a phone because I need that for work and it's super glitchy... and why do I live in CA anyway when we could live on so much less in ANY other state...which brings me too my general state of mind, which seemingly is unnerved because I'm never sure I'm making a big enough difference...and why didn't I go to seminary...why am I such a pussy... oh, there's that sailor mouth...that's why you didn't go to seminary... no its not, it's because you really don't want to be in charge of anything that important... crap that email is marked important... YOU marked it important, but what for... I'd like to give that person WHAT FOR... No one is always happy, but I AM always trying... Ok, let's get moving...let's make some calls... is that the cat calling me... Awww, it is... Hey you... Did you need something... no, just wanted to love me up, eh... well, yay me... Ha ha ha... Aren't you always the happy one! Oh, wait...