Timeline - 2. why is it about time? Happy New Year!

It is a beautiful new year and I am thrilled - truly thrilled - about a lot of things in my life, at upper midlife.  This is the first of "Timeline" stories. Introduction of a sort.

Work and love to share in all directions and good health, gold stars, and a neat snowy night in Connecticut to write its start. still, to maybe do the good things, before I am too old, or lose health and powers.    This is a good time:  Profound terrors and trepidations have been won through - most with Triumph - a few unfixable Failures.  But both  took years to integrate into the normal flow of life,  so that they could be written and shared.

I will  be genuine  - not vain with masks anyone can penetrate - Life is easy - pay attention. 

Our successes or failures must not blind us to that bit in the human genome where lives the  appreciation of the miracle of life.  

It is that passionate, active-not-dallying appreciation that  makes us want to continue the journey - do more life - even on the most terrifying, traumatic, tragic, pathetic of days !   And prepare to show the heart, the  smile and grace for the grand moments that must be just right. 

Age may pale out our bodies, but so far, there is still that desire and instinct to  rejuvenate that dynamic appreciation - mindfulness, maybe.  The stories help restore the moments on this timeline that spark the rest, to create the continuum, and even entertain and inspire.