Apple Watch Saved Another Life - Mine

Since an accident years ago I use a tracker to make sure I am self-managing right. 


Now, at upper-midlife ,  I added Apple Watch at my birthday a few weeks ago, to my Apple devices.....Time, Heart rate, Blood Pressure and all fitness tracking and waterproof for my pool aerobics and laps. GPS and 911 and phone on board - YES.


I was singing "Getting to know you" to my Watch, while prepping in my large work area, indoors, for the big Spring shows...I am in arts.  The fume-y solvent to shine the frame was usually used outdoors, but it was just a small fix - a few minutes indoors with fumes I love would not hurt me.  But then a stubborn spot on the antique frame made me  put away one solvent and reach for a second  one - I thought I'd waited long enough between fume
Without realizing it.  I was "woozy" and did not feel my body reacting.   Then,  in my peripheral vision I saw my  Apple Watch flashing large and red - 208bpm -  in big numbers on the watch face.  The device was new, and I thought " what error code is this?"  then realized Apple Watch  was NOT popping and error code - it was an emergency warning!   Big numbers in red and hapticks of which i was unaware.   I felt fiiiiiiiine  - love fumes -  but  I would NOT feel fine for long.    

Immediately!  Nearby exhaust Fan on, caps on the solvent and me out the door in ten seconds flat, for fresh air!  

Heart rate , BPM went right back down 68 in one minute thanks to good fitness.  

As I calmed down I began to share my experience to warn others and to praise APPLE .  Next I thought:  I'll bet I am NOT the only one who was saved by their Apple Watch.    I  found a site online in search that talked about it - YES others were saying,  "Apple Watch saved my life!"    

Many of them sent a thank you to Apple CEO Tim Cook, so I did that and shared also at my AppleWatch Facebook Group.   

Thanks to all the factors in my "little bad moment" and especially to  Apple Watch....for what did NOT happen.

Sharing  the story not just to praise APPLE, but to pas this on for a summer safety reminder.    HAVE FUN BUT STAY SAFE !