Buying Art

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You may read about million-dollar art sales and declare, "I don't buy art - way out of my reach or interest! "     But a World of  Really Nice ORIGINAL ART is out there and here at    

You browse and enjoy the discovery of an art work that you desire. You buy it and it is YOURS.  You may find the feeling not much different than that enjoyed by million-dollar art sales - better sometimes:  you get to love the art and make it part of you and keep a lot more of your money.  ( smile ) 

The money spent on a fine arts purchase is ALWAYS well-spent and NEVER WASTED.   If you buy it and love it - bliss!      

ORRRR..  enjoy it for a bit, then pass it on as  a deductible gift  to a friend or donation to your church or club's fundraiser - it will be appreciated and never a financial loss to you.   Some buy varied artworks and shift them about at change of season, or to enhance a special event or holiday.  So many ways to let fine art enrich your life.  
ONE caution: avoid gifting or donating really large works - too often it is tooooo much and then the recipient feels pressed to receive it and figure out what to DO with it.  But most small works do DELIGHT as a gift or donation and be sure to tell the recipient to "pass it on" to keep the spirit alive in it.  Works. 

Even at first purchase of a major work, from the artist, the money is NOT a impediment.  Pay in payments, or use to hold the cash or art till everyone is happy.   SAFE - very safe that way.
For modestly-priced items like the ones at my site, it is no strain and  there are discounts available. Choose your  work , contact the artist and get your code to enter a the checkout - done and done!


1. Tax included in sale price + Free Shipping in USA - no code required.    ALWAYS to continental American addresses,   on all artwork at the site and offline, too.  NOT always  applicable to International rates.  Higher shipping rates sometimes make it not possible to offer free shipping internationally.

2. TAAF -  cause for The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation. Gets the thing that got my husband. 

3. Tiny Miracles - another favorite - they help premature babies and their families. Today's way with the fixes for the frequent birth defects would have found and fixed an aneurysm long before it could harm.

4. PATRIOT - the newest - you get the art at 25% off AND we send part of the original price to YOUR choice of valid Veterans Group.

5. Art With Heart - if you opt to donate part of your purchase price to YOUR choice of valid Charity, there is an additional 20% off the sale price.  

If you can think of a worthy way to make our Artsale Transaction a thing that helps the world as well, let me know.   I donate work outright for selected events. Find me to talk about it, online or at my new office.