National Pumpkin Day - supping Pumpkin soup and more!

For National Pumpkin Day    QUICK AND HAPPY FOOD FUN:  

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instant pumpkin soup and other ideas:

 - preheat oven to 400F.  

  • Using any orange pumpkin - large, small, spagetti or classic

  • Quarter, seed/clean pumpkin. Save seeds and process as you wish, or discard.

  • Bake, inside-down, in a large roaster, with the sections nested to form a sort of tent, if you can with some water in the pan for just a bit of moisture as it bakes. Test with fork after 30 minutes, but may take an hour...will smell right :-) ( option: if you like the spice aroma while it bakes, go ahead and sprinkle some at it - cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, allspice, and a sprikle of salt - nice smells. But plain is fine, too)

  • When done, allow to cool, then scoop out the pumpkin and discard the shell, soft or hard. Now the fun begins and is easy:

  • Nearly Instant Pumpkin SOUP happens in under 5 minutes:

  • Place some of the baked pumpkin in your smoothie maker or processor , with enough water to make it "go" easily - and pulse till smooth.

  • Place in dish or soup bowl , add spices and butter to taste and heat till hot. Bubbly can get messy and burn you with splashing, but if it feels witchy-tasty, go ahead.

  • THAT'S IT - just plain tasty and wildly nourishing, too!

OPTIONS:  Add a meat stock or hot dogs or sliced carrots or peas or beans, potato...whatever... use your imagination.  BUT TASTE-TEST  IT IN A SMALL AMOUNT OF THE SOUP FIRST, BEFORE ADDING IT TO THE WHOLE AMOUNT, in case your imagination is not quite on the mark and  it fails in flavor.

ORRRR  ...more fun with all that pumpkin:
 - Side dish VEGETABLE - serve in chunks or loosely fork mashed as you would any other squash
- smoothed to thick chunks like apple sauce, sweetened and spiced, even HOTspices,  alongside a thing.
- I have not tried to make pumpkin chips but I'll bet they could be done, with the baking stopped while the pumpkin was still  part-firm, so it could be sliced and quick fried or broiled. Butter and salt if you like.  maybe?

And of course
- PUMPKIN PIE - follow any pumpkin pie recipe  for pies or tarts.

- Cookies and muffins and cupcakes and pumpkin bread or cake - delicious and colorful health.

YES.. especially if you baked a large pumpkin:  use some/ freeze some, by simply putting a few cups into a freezer baggie.  I have no idea how soon to use it because mine has never been there long.  :-D   

Here is a link to the "National Day Calendar" for  a Happy National Pumpkin Day! - and more recipes, too!

Summer Reading

But this is about biographies - a huge thank you!    Since girlhood I seem to reach for biographical reading whenever I am "in a brown study" over things, wanting a job or project, grieving, sluggish for emotional or physical reasons, in flux and lost.  Somehow Biographies do the trick, when I must be still,  my heroes swashbuckle for me ... (more)

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September is Aneurysm Awareness Month!

Summer 2016 marked the 35th anniversary of the year that Aneurysm issues hit home and changed our lives forever!   When suddenly widowed to the "Time Bomb In the Brain",  there was not much we could have done to prevent it.  NOTTANYMORE!  Share the message to any you know who may be at risk for it: Get the Tests!  They save lives.....and enjoy this post and comment as you like - find me as needed - I am here for this one.....elle.

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Artwork at the White House - Easter 2007

I'd been very good - above average to honors often enough in every way  and yet, here I was -injured and disabled and broke and moved to a safe 'she-shack' that would keep me safe at least.  Alone. I thought me done - and praying for grace to handle it nicely.  Online work and coding and new friends online refreshed my soul, and the local church was new and nice too.  Then one day, learning some new skills online I found the site.   The ancient tales say that dwarves would wrought from the depths and let the results shine at the heights: was this precedent?  I guess that's how this story unfolds - you tell me:

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Poirot Marathon-ing

This is late being posted because of "'Air-kyool"  - Hercule Poirot.    And I feel fine about it.  Some things are important. Marathoning a series is valid in this case - my life is in flux and it is a fine and affordable distraction; and a lesson in authorship for any writer, and  a quality engagement.  To me, it is an honor thing - he completed the entire series, a thing not easily done! Bravo!   But for me, it is just the epression of it all at this phase of things, of my passion for the mystery-thriller of quality since childhood- so do not gloat, Monsieur! I just happened to be going that way.

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Irish and Other Celtic

Gramps, called "The Chief", celebrated his Saint Patrick's Day Birthday with his darling wife of 50 years,   seven sons, one tiny daughter, their families and a lifetime of friends, associates and neighbors.  The line of party visitors began at dawn andended at midnight.   Those days are passed, but their abundance is mine always to share!  Have some!  

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Charles Ethan Porter - Hartford Artist of the Black Elite

Charles Ethan Porter (c. 1847 – March 6, 1923) was born near Hartford, and, among other things, was a protege of Mark Twain, who raised the money to send Mr. Porter to Paris to refine the training of the talented Rockville, Connecticut , Black American native.

He is said to have painted in the Florentine style  and always elegantly. His works are found in the leading collections of the world and spotlighted - top honors-  in Black American Culture venues.

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