Halloween 2018 - Spooky Soup n Sip with Caution

Halloween ... born and raised in Connecticut USA , we are not quite as Halloween-y as other parts of Witchy New England, but close…by design.


All over the internet, you will find ideas for drinks with and without “spirits” , and dry ice for the spooky finishing touch!    And Foggy Pumpkin Soup is great fun.  It appeals, since Halloween exists partly to remind us to warm up, or really spooky results may occur. Foggy nights in movies with Monsters and such, entertain us, young or old , so we love that dry-ice foggy fun.

This note is to inform and remind folk that dry ice can burn....so....I hunted up this tech sheet for use of dry ice - at Halloween and always:  https://dryiceinfo.com/safe.htm

AND … If you party hard  - skip it.. hangovers pass, but injury  to skin and eyes remain.

Using dry ice in a food or beverage ? 1. Practice the effect in advance - it’s a show - rehearse. 2. SAFENOTE: gear up with gloves and glasses to handle it. 3.At serving time:  drop a small chip of dry ice into the empty glass or bowl, then fill… just before serving … and the drink will bubble and produce a nice white fog!    HOWEVER, always make sure you use the smallest amount needed to get the fog going and let your guests know to WAIT and enjoy the sight, until the dry ice has completely evaporated (and the drink stops bubbling!) . Then enjoy. It’s a gas, and once evaporated, totally gone and safe.  The addition of a sprig of rosemary to it, as in this photo,  adds a bit of evergreen smokiness as well as a harvest-y look.   End of Dry Ice Fun lesson.

Halloween Spirit plays with one of our essentials - fear for our personal well-being - as growing seasons end and cold days bring dangers of reduced health and comfort. Preparation for a jolly and healthy winter MUST be done - preferably with FUN  - we create health as we team up with friends and loved ones to win thru whatever comes and rejoice that we thought to prepare and will probably be fine till Spring.

We need challenge for heartiness I guess: the color of Danger is red. Fear is yellow. And so Hallowe'en is the mix of both -  orange, said to be one of the best for our health and happiness.

Halloween is cool

And cool is warm , this one time.