Amazon Revelations Adulations Celebrations Postulations Reverberations

Happy Holiday!  I wished it to the Amazon chat helper today again for the 7th time since first buying Prime in Autumn 2011, as they thanked me for the longtime membership.

So I said, " You make every day a holiday - you empower my life!"   I started with Amazon for the product but I stay for Customer Service!  

All the time saved by technology and folk like Amazon !  - that "service with a smile" commitment is wonderfully old-fashioned while the tech to make it real is positively future.    I am one happy customer.   Never once has my plea over a point been ignored.  Amazon Customer Service has come through for me perfectly almost every time. 

So yesterday, when I said I was writing about Amazon,  the Amazon representative who was helping me suggested I post it to Jeff Bezos.    I thought - "I  don’t know enough about him - should research him a bit, before I do this post" and  in finding the links to Jeff Bezos,  I was STUNNED by the new information I found - the man is a mega version of  " myyown !"   


Since so many of my forebears have passed on, it is treat to find another of those who grew up with tech pioneers in their midsts.    Jeff Bezos does  things that my Dad, Brother or Husband or Children might do...and they all " do something" .  And talked and dreamed of more!   Wow!   I have since gotten some Audible publications about him, for more of the Jeff Bezos story.    It is clear he is doing so much because he CAN - it’s just who he is - his day’s work. 

It is still rewarding to a Mother, to see the Youngsters doing such miracles!  Widowed many  years ago , the children and I rallied well and It seemed mended now, but then an accident stopped me again;  again I rallied and this time with power and focus in the work and love …doing it.

I could do NONE of it without technology and folk like Amazon and its helpers - they are my virtual staff -  may this post “tip” them at the holiday.    So much of what was done by paid human help I get from tech now...floor robots , data processing,  instant purchases of things I need to do my life right - instant research and images and text to help my business, delivered to my computer or to my door with lightning speed.  Even when hurt in an accident, I got it all done because I could a morning's tasks in under an hour, online, and can, for at least another ten years - maybe twenty. 

Why, I could be the first octogenarian on the moon colony, via a future Amazon project!    - I DO have input for Mr Bezos to help and two projects if he'd like to take them up. Someone should.  For now AMAZING AMAZON IS PLENTY for the plate.  Thank you, truly, Amazon!