The news says JOBS is what it's about today on President Trump's  visit to Iowa today and so I should share this:


There used to be a PSA in the 1960s about black civil rights - "We're not looking for a handout, just a hand ! " ... it worked - genius!   ALL good sorts lit up and were empowered a bit from that ONE line.   A handout is depressing!  A hand is LIFE !    

Today I need to followup with this:   HIRE don't DOLE, when there is that choice. When you HIRE, you give not just a wage but an acknowledgement of the person's BEING, and some normal human respect for the work. To EMPOWER the poor to to WIN over their poverty and make a normal life is better.

For example:
A video here at FaceBook this morning was beautiful - it talks about the kindness shown by a wealthy employer who came upon a poor household employee cleaning leftover food from the trash from his want.  So the employer secretly put, next to that trash area,  a bag of fresh groceries to the man - every day - who fed his family from it, and when the man died, his son took up the good deed.

That gesture was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes, it was kind and good of the employer. But it also made me stop.  
Why? I thought and got my mind into it.
Because:  it would have been better if the employer paid the employee properly,  in the first place,  so the employee could stand upright and buy his OWN food.  

If the employer was concerned that the cash might not be spent on food, he might include, with the raise, some food cards or gift certificates for it.  While the dole of food was likely to make sure the man STAYED humble.    

Homo sapiens is our name - upright man.   We need to live each day standing straight and tall in respect of self and others on an even plane.