Guide to Binge-watching a favorite old tv series

Perry Mason

"Oh, Boy!"  During the last storm, I was going to be "hunkered down" ladyfashion with thoughtful reading , artwork, speed-knitting and beauty in my home office studio.  So I went searching for a binge-watch to add to the mix of options, and found , free with my Amazon Prime membership, the first five tv seasons about famous Earl Stanley Garner hero and his team!


  • 271 shows List of episodes...fortunately only 5 of the  9 seasons were available to me at once.
  • they did over 30 shows per season. Today's tinkerbell actors would faint and quit
  • Advice: mute the intro and closing themsong after the first one or two charm you....that relentlessness of Justice in the basso...yikes!    Totally walk into walls later if you go ahead and listen to it 150+ times.
  • Every major motion picture star can found in supporting or leading roles - it's fun when you find yourself wondering..."That looks like a young Robert Redford!" and it IS  !     Ditto Fay Wray ( Ann in the original "king kong") You can have fun, scrolling down the list, catching the famous names-   The list of episodes and star names are really well formatted here–58)
  • The fun with the time things are a draw for me: people smoked!  eeeeyyyyeeeyyyyeeewww!  Even goodguys smoked.      And no cellphones/mobile communications.  Cars, and landscapes were dated but the fashions held up well, since we love classic styling and keep going back for the stuff.
  • The points of law were a huge education for most of the audience. I wonder how much of it was true ?
  • THE VALUES - shows like this a a fine refresher in good values - even too good in places.  hmmmmmm food for thought and fun to distract from "cabin fever" when snowed in at least
  • have fun!