Thank you CRVCofC / Main Street Office Suites

"Asparagus, like folk, grow best in bunches"   

"Asparagus, like folk, grow best in bunches"


So good to be fine and fit to recover my career and income a bit before I am too old!  But nobody does it alone - Old friends from work and school encouraged a bit,  but I had to move to a new private home of my own,  and so it is primarily new friends helping - in the Glastonbury,   Connecticut suburb of the state Capitol, Hartford.  

Read on and do come to the Ribbon Cutting if you can !   Noon on Friday April 20th at the Chamber Steps 2400 Main Street, near the corner of Hebron Avenue. Full Story here:

Glastonbury, Connecticut USA - a wonderful town with a lively and lovely way and importance in American History.  For example:
" During America's Revolutionary War, part of the sophomore and junior classes of Yale University was moved to homes in Glassenbury [ the way it was spelled at that time]  , in case of a lack of food in the city, or attack on New Haven Harbor.  Noah Webster was one of the students who were moved to town. Later, he taught here in one of Glassenbury’s 10 one room school houses. "
Recently it's Chamber combined with that of East Hartford to form the "Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce" with twice the resources and networking options and events, to empower a lively commerce in the area!  CRV Chamber, Thank you very much!

UPDATE:  NEW OFFICE !  joining one of the chamber's many networking events, I met Carolyne Gatesy of Main Street Office Center in Glastonbury Center between the Library and Daybreak Coffee Roasters.  Their office packages are flexible to accommodate the full range of need and I signed up almost immediately.   If you knew me, the location alone is perfect - love for books and coffee - for engagement for nice events in a nice environment- yes. Affordable - yes!   Stop in and see me, but call first, since the artists is "all over the place" and gratefully so!