The School Shootings - the aftermath as tragic as the events

Children do learn what they live - no police-state classrooms, please, but effective SAFE ZONES instead.   Take your children home till they calm down find some brains and USE them in this matter. The quality of life of all is at stake.

For a time in the past, our schools were policed in the south, where civil rights issues terrified all, until that time passed.  

Sadly, today the President said we may be doing it again - this time nationwide.   NOT any hope at all to Make America Great Again now!    I hope that the action plans in the matter of reaction to the School Shootings will evolve.   I love our President and his All-American , courageous ways, but , As Rosie said "The African Queen" - "ohhhh!  Our first quarrel, darling !  "       

I yelped when the President SAID, as though to me and families and teachers -  " making safe school zone does not work ".   Thousands can show him otherwise.  They must allowed their fair moment on the topic, "to turn the  mind of the king" !  

SAFE SCHOOL ZONES does work and is easy to do effectively.    Upgrading tech surveillance on the campuses for a fair periphery , with upgraded real surveillance and safety/security protections , like a stand of oaks, surrounding the zone WORKS.  And it works fast and NOW, while improved gun laws and AMERICA'S EVOLUTION finally "gets there" a bit.

Take one full minute to Google it - AMERICA is the worst on earth for violence and it will get WORSE, no matter who says what,  UNLESS and UNTIL our leaders stop being afraid to ACT BIG -  to achieve better , ARMED WITH MORE BRAINS / LESS BRAWN, please... with much better support for ALL of US.

END GUN CULTURE...the whole world, except us, took up this banner and we helped them, and the statistics prove it works and life is BETTER.    This Super Win is easier than dreamed, but even if we start today, it will take time before we "get there" on it in our daily lives!   The longest journey begins with that first step.  

MAGA - Make America Great Again, cannot happen if we , increasingly,  pay for and do not get basic safety and non-violent days and nights.  THINK.

Take your children home - making a home school is NOT so difficult, and it is honored in most states and wins a tax deduction.   Home and small group school is  healthier, right now - and certainly  better  than  waving a cheery good-bye to your child in the morning and crying at the child's empty seat at the dinner table that night.     WE CAN SO THIS !  

Praying for the President at this scary time - praying they do not fly off the handle and make it worse instead of better.   

YES I am qualified to write here a veteran worker / teacher / group leader and mother - in pioneer projects for church school and community since girlhood.  The CHILD is not a KID.