Salon Des Refuses - a story

click to "Salon des Refuses" and more   

click to "Salon des Refuses" and more


My site is nice and content rich - was born in 2002 and existed as subset to a free pages site for for four years before that.  So the first posted artwork is history now some 20 years later, through a crashing disability and a triumph of recuperation and all the stops on the journey in-between.  My site's "Salon des Refuses"   tells the story of moments in that journey.  

You will see a variety of approaches and formattings and artstyles even - some of it was done while in physical distress and fortunate that that it was do-able at all.   Some expressed and shared important moments and stops along the way.  They served me then and I hope they will serve again NOW. I am fine and need to get selling again in this window I enjoy, to shore it all up for a fine old age, before it is too late.  

I need to say I am very happy, may remarry, and the work seems to promise to be the stuff I aimed for all those years ago.  

I have learned to respect my audience - sometimes the artwork that does NOT impress me, DOES strike the right chord with the public.  

So if one of the paintings here does please you - ask me. It's available probably and definitely affordably.  See the contact options at the page top.