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"The Constitution was not perfect when it was framed.  

It is not perfect today. 

Our Constitution, even our Bill of Rights,

Provides no set formula that fits all peoples around the world. 

But they do offer an inspiring example of ageless ideals realized and made to work,

with the eternal message that men and women everywhere

were intended to be free to shape their own destinies."  

...Warren Burger, Chief Justice of the United States (1969-1986) at 200th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights, from the Bowling Green, Kentucky  "Daily News"  January 27, 1991 

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Artwork at the White House - Easter 2007

I'd been very good - above average to honors often enough in every way  and yet, here I was -injured and disabled and broke and moved to a safe 'she-shack' that would keep me safe at least.  Alone. I thought me done - and praying for grace to handle it nicely.  Online work and coding and new friends online refreshed my soul, and the local church was new and nice too.  Then one day, learning some new skills online I found the site.   The ancient tales say that dwarves would wrought from the depths and let the results shine at the heights: was this precedent?  I guess that's how this story unfolds - you tell me:

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