While I still can - WINE

A Wine travel blog entry came into focus today, when wondering what sort of winecomment I should share.

Enjoy the wine in an ancient Italian Cave at Enoteca dai Tosi 

Enjoy the wine in an ancient Italian Cave at Enoteca dai Tosi 


I am not a sommelier, but, since I am on no medications yet, I make sure I enjoy 

alcohol temperately and deliciously and socially, while I still can.

I am a light drinker so it’s the experience and flavor and the company or brand or locale to enhance.
My new collection includes:  A nice liqueur tray, some emergency cognac, a bit of the best scotch I can afford, a good bourbon, and wine, wine wine, collected lovingly and with a sense of fun and enjoyed as prescribed by WebMD, so the final tab does not include physical harm to me.


My sassy senior fitness allows me to travel again: an injury healed and new income allows me to travel decently.  I began to smile at the neat wine+travel ideas found online.  Sharing the links for you here should be fun, and give me reference for next season’s travel.  Iinvite your ideas as well.       

Ancient Italian Cave hosts neat new wine bar.   Enoteca dai Tosihttp://www.enotecadaitosi.it/en/gallery/


Croatia Monty’s Dog Beach and Barhttps://www.facebook.com/montysdogbeach/


CroatiaDive to Underwater Wine Cellarhttp://www.edivovina.hr/en


Napa CaliforniaJarvis’s opulent tour cellarshttp://www.jarviswines.com


FranceMedoc 5-day Marathon and Wine Tour event   http://www.winetourisminfrance.com/fr/magazine/85_marathon_des_chateaux_du_medoc.htm


France, Italay AND Napa / AmericaWine on Wheels!     https://www.duvine.com/culinary-bike-tours/