Independence Day Blog note 2019


Praise for our president - the recent meetings were full of danger for him and his staff and he handled it all so well !

We are very fortunate to have him helping at the White House right now - because, in the long view in the Third Millennium, that's what it is. HELPING !

I will always think well of him because he didn't need it - such a job!

When our leaders find ways on the right side of the law to express their opinions in sessions, they will actually see the lights they need to actually fix a few of our major issues - I sink and sicken at the abuse our leaders dish out and and endure from one another - they do not even bother to include the word, "respectfully" half the time anymore!

IF I ruled, I'd have them all doing powernaps and meditations and prayer for a minute before EVERY single moment of congress, until they act like the amazing people they aim to be! In the Third Millennium, all the ignorant backward rock-throwing is absurd and makes us look awful , worldwide.

There is ia HUGE difference between "Let Freedom Ring ! " and calling "RUMBLE" like the sharks and jets in a gang movie of olden days. The gangs were horribly poor, illiterate (unless you count obscene scrawls on walls) and likely to behave badly. Our leaders spent years studying to bring LIGHT, INTELLECT and POWERS OF THE BEST KIND to the world's issues....but, for awhile now, you’d never know it.

PLEASE let's do better -

AMERICA is a MIRACLE we all agreed in our childhood, but sometimes my Dad would say, "Yes but "Screwing up a miracle is what we DO - we do it every time and we are doing it again !"

THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT TODAY WE HAVE A CHOICE AND IF WE CHOOSE DEATH OVER LIFE, HATE OVER LOVE , POVERTY INSTEAD OF PROSPERITY it is "OUR BAD" .....WE know we can do better ...EASEL-y , says this artist....."Let it begin with me!"