Saga of a Little WhiteHouse - page one


The moon was full, the hour late, When the phone call came

Your Father's family homestead Has been consumed by flame! 

The folks are safe, the fire put out;  but don't,  just yet, come 'round - 

Since we're all adjusting To the house done down to ground. 

Not quite a hundred years ago, On a finer day, 

Big Jim Smith, "The Chief", had brought his "Else" To live and love and stay! 

His six-foot-four, her four-foot-six, Borne lightly in his arms, 

Would work, and bear, and laugh and fight And work the little farm. 

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"The Goodstuff"

“The good stuff" was my husband's  favorite fun phrase.   It may have been a take on the book/movie title,  "The Right Stuff" about early super-aero and NASA breakthroughs.  But it was more than fanship - he used it a lot: according to him, The Good Stuff was a classification and praise from the heart - for his people, his class, his scouts, his USACE/Black Diamonds team, his Wellcome team, the good wine and good friends, at a good table,  and 

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September is Aneurysm Awareness Month!

Summer 2016 marked the 35th anniversary of the year that Aneurysm issues hit home and changed our lives forever!   When suddenly widowed to the "Time Bomb In the Brain",  there was not much we could have done to prevent it.  NOTTANYMORE!  Share the message to any you know who may be at risk for it: Get the Tests!  They save lives.....and enjoy this post and comment as you like - find me as needed - I am here for this one.....elle.

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