'Preciate it!

Connecticut is roots, and current homebase, but during the years in North Carolina with my late husband's Wellcome Foundation people, the expression "  'Prediate it! " was very popular.  

It is a vitamin - if we allow for that moment of appreciation for ourselves and others, or for the thing at hand.   

Added to the  many daily thank you, bye for now or goodbyes, those who were parting are left with really nice food for thought.   To appreciate one another and our moment and the actions in those moments - YES.  All such moments tally up.

Today   " 'Preciate it"   is for my local Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

After a hiatus in my lifelong  arts business , sharing and selling the art take restart work and promotion.  CRV Chamber is really doing the magic trick for me, with a fine ribbon cutting today at its office steps - the area media attended and made it a lovely event and one of those who came to view it, bought some art!  Wow!   Thanks to the Chamber, pathway to the new dealer I need and active show/sell activity is falling into place as it should.

So I feel a good shoutout  "  'Preciate it ! " is truly deserved.   We are all busy and working well and beautifully, but we do NOT appreciate as we should if we fail to take that moment to do so.

Thank you so much CRV Chamber friends - your enthusiasm for me at meeting, your suggestions fo how we might work together for the good of the community and my business success was very quickly followed by meetings to give me the feeling of "team" and then this event with more on the agenda.   This Chamber is "All top stuff ! "    Thank you very much and I look forward to more and better!  

IN May here, there will be a nice "Glastonbury En Plein Air"  lead by me at a special wildly reduced price , to say "hello"  Click over for details and form and checkout for your buy in.
This is a fine town and our work with a show afterward if you like, will show it.

Thank you again - " 'Preciate it!"



Thank you CRVCofC / Main Street Office Suites

 "Asparagus, like folk, grow best in bunches"   

"Asparagus, like folk, grow best in bunches"


So good to be fine and fit to recover my career and income a bit before I am too old!  But nobody does it alone - Old friends from work and school encouraged a bit,  but I had to move to a new private home of my own,  and so it is primarily new friends helping - in the Glastonbury,   Connecticut suburb of the state Capitol, Hartford.  

Read on and do come to the Ribbon Cutting if you can !   Noon on Friday April 20th at the Chamber Steps 2400 Main Street, near the corner of Hebron Avenue. Full Story here:  

Glastonbury, Connecticut USA - a wonderful town with a lively and lovely way and importance in American History.  For example:
" During America's Revolutionary War, part of the sophomore and junior classes of Yale University was moved to homes in Glassenbury [ the way it was spelled at that time]  , in case of a lack of food in the city, or attack on New Haven Harbor.  Noah Webster was one of the students who were moved to town. Later, he taught here in one of Glassenbury’s 10 one room school houses. "
Recently it's Chamber combined with that of East Hartford to form the "Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce" with twice the resources and networking options and events, to empower a lively commerce in the area!  CRV Chamber, Thank you very much!

UPDATE:  NEW OFFICE !  joining one of the chamber's many networking events, I met Carolyne Gatesy of Main Street Office Center in Glastonbury Center between the Library and Daybreak Coffee Roasters.  Their office packages are flexible to accommodate the full range of need and I signed up almost immediately.   If you knew me, the location alone is perfect - love for books and coffee - yes...love for engagement for nice events in a nice environment- yes. Affordable - yes!   Stop in and see me, but call first, since the artists is "all over the place" and gratefully so!



RESTORATION - AMERICA today's demonstrations against the violence

Parable: Returning from a work break, to a site building task that that would NOT give me what I needed - "BINGO !" - I found the issue and fixed it easily.  As usual with site-building code, the page had done what I TOLD it to do!  Found my misdirection, fixed it!  Ding! done! 

And that's America!   - doing what we TOLD it to do.   

DO NOT GET MORALISTIC - won't help.   Think WIN  - if we told it to do the LESS desirable thing we can "TOLD" it to do the MORE desirable thing and WIN !

But of course: complications immediately!   We WILL NOT and we say we CAN NOT.   EMPOWERMENT needed here because real and lasting improvement follows the classic recipe for things - WIN THE POINT, generate "the right stuff" to win it - focus the stuff and ACT well.

HOWEVER, I am thrilled to say that , if "well begun is half done" , then  demonstrations today are THE SIGN -  those people are "well begun" personified - stunning human generator !

NOW NOW NOW - the right call - there is no choice -  there is much too much danger to our children!  

Worse -  it is pathetic that the children,  themselves must speak up about it - rather than their parents, who take the pleasure and the power of parenthood, but have been  failing  in the responsibility, to the very point of death ! 

I applauded the walkout last week - OUR MOTHERS would not have allowed us to go near an unsafe school campus. It would have been considered child abuse.  Mother would have cried and kept us home and Dad and all seven brothers and the men would have "stormed the Bastille" till SAFE SCHOOL ZONES AND PLAYGROUNDS were restored.

20 years later,  I would not have allowed my children to go near an unsafe school campus and in my case, one issue did come up and BOTH my late husband and myself JUMPED in with all our good tools to join the other parents in fixing the issue IMMEDIATELY.     I LIVED the journey.  
And YES>>>>> there was the generating "DIES IRAE" like today's  in it- a first reactionary phase where it was key to make the most noise possible  to make it finally CLEAR that we WERE going to get this FIXED - ASAP.     But that phase lasted very briefly......we "segue-ed"  with the power we generated, and quickly quietly completely.     KEY: We did NOT stress goodguy/badguy dynamics - that only makes it worse  -  we stayed powerful AND peaceful and focused and objective and got it done.  To keep up the startup racket would have brought more-violent reprisals and zero co-operation.  

THEREFORE:  My prayer is this:   BRAVO for the actions so far...now THINK and focus and WIN - we did - you will !    WE CAN !    Do not be afraid to be inspired and do a new thing well and EFFECTIVELY


 1976 - helping like good parents and good citizens earned an easy moment afterward....but it is NOT perfect after. There is always "life is different' and not all of it may be to your liking...still I would do it all again in a heartbeat - nice to have as part of me - and for our children forever   

1976 - helping like good parents and good citizens earned an easy moment afterward....but it is NOT perfect after. There is always "life is different' and not all of it may be to your liking...still I would do it all again in a heartbeat - nice to have as part of me - and for our children forever


2020 in NYC

A site called DeZeen has published the latest imaging of planned projects in Manhattan - WOW!  HOWEVER...there are these issues for EVERY one of us on the topic:

Architecture has shown a thing here in scope and financial goals - but these tall buildings are a huge sign - truly a message :  they talk about the soaring spirit of mankind and SOMETHING ELSE...something BIG:

The earth's crust is just that - a crust - and pilings sent beyond and much further down into the top layer have already made skyscrapers immune to techtonic upsets- even winning over Japan's frequent earthquake issues.

Please LOOK AGAIN - the skycrapers poking nicely upward should be the tip of the iceberg, so to speak - with twice the constructions BELOW ground to support and strengthen the earth below, and to lighten our "green footprint" with much much more underground construction - yay hobbits! Perhaps Tolkien called them "Smials" for a reason - smile.

 Visualizations of planned and existing structures in Lower Manhattan per DeZeen - innovations site.

Visualizations of planned and existing structures in Lower Manhattan per DeZeen - innovations site.

But there is MORE here - the genius salvation happens , if these planned constructions include the modern deep-sunk pilings and underground work: THINK about the concept of shoring up the earth AS  we build EVERYWHERE on our earth in general - with techtonic plate SUPPORTS and underground superglue so that our coasts and fragile inland areas no longer need to be in imminent danger of falling off into the abyss.  And they can - geologists predict it and once it begins, it can take out 8 miles inward on the entire coastline, north to south, along the shores...and much more - our vision is kindergarten...we see land and land's end....it's MUCH more than that.  Google it.

"While I'm up" - we DO need the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange to be restored with rooftop and wall gardens the rule, not the exception, and MOST parking lots can easily be sent underground as well, with gardens and parks in their place, above ground,  for beauty and even more, for our health and survival.

The reflective concept of the buildings can be a life and vision problem, too - are they addressing this issue?   Living / working daily on the higher floors means getting used to more than the wobble of the earth as always happens  Can we thrive in buildings that sway in the breezes at that height - the twin towers would wave 30 feet and more, back and forth....WHILE the window-washers did their job.  Robotic washing WOULD be bright, in any event.

But FINALLY and most of all:  BEFORE the Freedom Tower was built, these showoff architects I love needed to build the pods - elevator-like constructions that insert between inner and outer walls of these buildings - they ARE able to be done. They ARE able to accommodate the occupants on each floor, no matter how high up- and able to eject from the building  and safely usher them to ground - in under ten minutes.  Buildings may fail , but why should that mean death for the occupants?   My FATHER and AERO-TECH pals had the drawings done and promised that ,by the time I grew up, they would be a reality, but only the jet pilot ejection seats got done back then - the rest was considered "ahead of itself" and suppressed.
AND SO...as a direct result - planes and tall buildings can be deathtraps as terrorist targets, no matter how sound the construction -  and people died on Nineleven 2001 who did NOT need to die.  

These pods are, in concept, so easy that they can be installed in most buildings , old and new. But so far, if you ask MIT , they can't be bothered - they are designing neat new video games.

DITTO the detatchable passenger cabins for planes that safely eject and touchdown passengers on land or sea with first aid, food and GPS to bring help quickly.    THINK and get those petitions going, or it won't get done -  and we can go on being unforgivably blind to the totally unnecessary loss of life.

There are several ways to empower them for action and all perfectly do-able today....in fact, they were on the table when the first pilot ejection seats were done up 50 years ago. Back then, technology was primitive and expensive -too expensive - for practical application - but nottanymore. MAKE THEM DO IT.

Freedom Tower is a limp-wristed memorial to those who died and those who grieve for them - a better one would be the good escape technology for buildings and planes, so that we can We remember - NEVER AGAIN!

The School Shootings - the aftermath as tragic as the events

Children do learn what they live - no police-state classrooms, please, but effective SAFE ZONES instead.   Take your children home till they calm down find some brains and USE them in this matter. The quality of life of all is at stake.

For a time in the past, our schools were policed in the south, where civil rights issues terrified all, until that time passed.  

Sadly, today the President said we may be doing it again - this time nationwide.   NOT any hope at all to Make America Great Again now!    I hope that the action plans in the matter of reaction to the School Shootings will evolve.   I love our President and his All-American , courageous ways, but , As Rosie said "The African Queen" - "ohhhh!  Our first quarrel, darling !  "       

I yelped when the President SAID, as though to me and families and teachers -  " making safe school zone does not work ".   Thousands can show him otherwise.  They must allowed their fair moment on the topic, "to turn the  mind of the king" !  

SAFE SCHOOL ZONES does work and is easy to do effectively.    Upgrading tech surveillance on the campuses for a fair periphery , with upgraded real surveillance and safety/security protections , like a stand of oaks, surrounding the zone WORKS.  And it works fast and NOW, while improved gun laws and AMERICA'S EVOLUTION finally "gets there" a bit.

Take one full minute to Google it - AMERICA is the worst on earth for violence and it will get WORSE, no matter who says what,  UNLESS and UNTIL our leaders stop being afraid to ACT BIG -  to achieve better , ARMED WITH MORE BRAINS / LESS BRAWN, please... with much better support for ALL of US.

END GUN CULTURE...the whole world, except us, took up this banner and we helped them, and the statistics prove it works and life is BETTER.    This Super Win is easier than dreamed, but even if we start today, it will take time before we "get there" on it in our daily lives!   The longest journey begins with that first step.  

MAGA - Make America Great Again, cannot happen if we , increasingly,  pay for and do not get basic safety and non-violent days and nights.  THINK.

Take your children home - making a home school is NOT so difficult, and it is honored in most states and wins a tax deduction.   Home and small group school is  healthier, right now - and certainly  better  than  waving a cheery good-bye to your child in the morning and crying at the child's empty seat at the dinner table that night.     WE CAN SO THIS !  

Praying for the President at this scary time - praying they do not fly off the handle and make it worse instead of better.   

YES I am qualified to write here a veteran worker / teacher / group leader and mother - in pioneer projects for church school and community since girlhood.  The CHILD is not a KID.

Sixteen Candles for ElleFagan.com Today !

Happy Birthday elelfagan.com - 16 candles at least!  Sto Lat and Faed Saol duit - long life to you !     Ellefagan.com , this is your life:

I was Snapped suddenly out of my path as busy and happy arts/tech/civic worker -  girl, young lady, redcrosslady, wife, mother, widow:  one day a spinal injury demanded immobility - just at menopause and adding to the confusion, suddenly,  getting across the room was work, and not obscene or profane, but praying about it, there remained NOTHING in my life but the dead stop.  

My son in California found out and flew in and visited my Connecticut home - a tiny but lovely "she-shack" as they call them, full of sunlight and quality fittings and pronounced "My Mom's not going down from this."     I sat UP.  

A world class IT pro, this was more than help with the dishes or taking out the trash my son was bringing.      Of course he owed me a car, but that's another story.   He'd been my buddy for projects in childhood and I was his money in those days - a lot.     Laughing to be doing a thing again, were up all night with a new Apple G3 PowerBook and Angelfire.com free website templates.  Designed by entrepreneurial IT genius, Ivan Vachovsky, the Angelfire pages were set up like "training wheels" - one could simply fill in the blanks and and use the templates to easily achieve web pages.....orrrrrrr....opt to do one's own code...in some places or the whole page.   Soon my list of skills included coding - hooked on code - doing it, joyfully,  up all night!    

Soon after that, I knew I could enjoy my own domain with ease, since Anglefire could host a paid domain as well - a nearly seamless transition and on this day in 2002, ellefagan.com was born.

Because of the wonderful new way to do my lifelong arts business,  frightening pressures and fears disappeared:   I did not need to be medicated to calm down from the shock of sudden cessation of mobility and work - as many accident victims are.   We enjoyed site development and renewed artsales and , just when I thought my life was over, it took a wonderful upswing!  Exhilarating and inspiring!   For ten years, but then ...

My site is a child of my later life - so when the web host sold to new people and they accidentally hacked my site  in the mess of changover,  in 2014, I was very upset.  That's my baby!    Worse, the new owners felt it okay to USE my domain name to advert THEIR business !    Worst of all, in rescuing my files frantically, my aging iMac fried!   Heavy sighhhhh.

I reported it to legal people  and the naughty new host paid a small penalty, and stopped the hacking, but online regulations somehow injured me more - I would be without my own domain for a few months and would need to wait till domain renewal time and then need to buy it again, and path to a new host with it ,  if it was available.   This  was, of course, nonsense, but just back to a normal living space and work path after the disability, I was unable to carry the right clout to win "in the clinches".   

Until the renewal date, I babysat my domain name, watching for any further abuses and the small financial compensation was not enough, but it helped pay for the new computer, at least.  I will never be content with the way of it. In 2015 price tallies, there should have been at least one zero on the compensation.    But when I went back to achieve better, I was violently dealt with and had to temporarily let it be. 

That was three years ago.  I had injury and a close death in the family, and was not up to pursuing it sooner.  I am up to it now, but not likely to get anywhere on it- the issue and its validity timed out, I'll bet.

But "Triumph ! "  
I  found a wonderful new Webhost, "Squarespace" - purchased a new - interim-  domain thinking "okey dokey....if it was going to be harassment for innocent ellefagan.com, let's see how elleSMITHfagan.com is received."    

 I began the task of redoing my ten-year-old site at a new location, sifting through the pile of files from the old site.   A LOT of work - and I guess I did "Sow in tears! " 

 However... I could do wonderful NEW work and  the new site was much better in every way, I think.   The mess was a left-handed blessing:  the Squarespace folk are very arts-friendly and the site got a serious re-organization and streamlining and is almost in readiness for a few honors it may receive.   My injuries mended, a bereavement clear now, I will promote and promote the site and finally "reap in laughter", as they say in the bible.

Well that's the story, ellefagan.com !     A real Adventure-girl of a tale for the Third Millennium!  And both of us better for it in every way.   May the story inspire others to the journey as well !
Happy Birthday!



 Mother, me, Rick and Lori 1959

Mother, me, Rick and Lori 1959

There is the idea that, although a family with an only child or only son and only daughter might find there are issues with "lonely only" cravings for siblings, keeping the family circle "mean and lean" may be better for CLARITY in the life path and in fact be the better way.  

I do not know about better...but it is different in some ways.  Though loneliness happens, it happens anyway, and I have learned like living alone: at least, as I do a great day  and "workarounds" on the challenging ones,  my moments do not cause issues for others.  I never suffer the feeling that I am preventing anyone from pursuing their goals and needs.   I am lucky in enjoying a fine home and family love of the most beautiful quality and top work too, both in childhood and later in life with my handsome price till his passing, and our children till it was time for them to grow and go.

Our parents hoped for four: two boys, two girls.  I was born in 1947, brother in 1949, then the second boy, baptized Kevin,  was lost in a preemie birth related to storm flooding, in 1951, and my sister born in 1953.  Love of God and Man ruled and every factoid of insight came through the love filter - my brother wished he had a brother, but did not mind his adoring sisters  like bookends, or guardian angels lest he 'dash his foot upon a stone'.    As I have seen a lot of my life in several places now, I appreciate my parents' caring ways so much and more each year. They were truly  wayyyy beyond their background limitations and put their gifts to work in this life, to world-class effect.    I grieved when they passed away, but their lives rekindled, once the grief passed.  They are wonderful and  powerful spirits in my life. Scientifically , they live IN me and I choose the best of it, as I can and share it for the love.

In fact, my issue with my siblings is that, in such a powerful loving family circle, we siblings might never stand on our own alone well.  But we do fine and lived far away from one another for years and now as older Americans, we are working to regaining that 'Washing the front porch" fun we enjoyed as children.   "King of the Mountain" , Cowboys, Indians and Schoolmarms - I did not like the look of my cowgirl suit;  the singing and praying and tag and "Fox and Geese" and  a game called "Helping Mommy and Daddy" and spying for Christmas gifts; and more singing and dancing and food and eating and parties and more parties - and church and more church.  The fun from those activities in childhood did their job and we like to cook up our part of it.

As far as self-actualization goes: the boys in our extended family of traditional ties seem to do better and we ladies working hard to win opportunities without losing our beautiful homelives.   But most of the women CARE to engage in the great campaign for human rights for ALL so we seem to win our way well enough.

We- three sang in harmony for the most part,  my sister and I shared a room in childhood and were great friends as young adults.   Some special challenges in the  midlife gave us lasting issues but we are at least enjoying "the good talk" on the subject.  I need to read and talk with others and see how they are creating and enjoying their mature years, for ideas and truth.


I want to hear more... comment welcome.

Timeline - 1. pivotal moment August 1984.

I'd been away from home so long , but home on this day !     Driving through  childhood neighborhoods full of sunshine and beauty and health, I suddenly remembered that , as a girl,  I had a pronounced septum in the center of my upper lip.   I thought it pretty at the time.   I blushed , driving, and checked for it - it was gone!   Under the circumstances, not surprised.  I spent some time in many moments that week seeking it.  Found it.  

Better.    In the past three years before that moment, every destructive thing that can happen at a lady was inflicted on my honored and innocent self, till finding that septum was important.

I would be just plain dazed, in-between tasks for the survival of my "nothing bad ever happens to me" self and our gifted and worthy son and daughter.      Oh la!  And now it seemed we were going to make it!  The dust from the troubling of our path was blinding sometimes, so I knew I'd better watch for things - a few difficult ones -  to fix as it cleared, but it looked like we'd make it just fine after all !

I'd seen "us "  in my minds eye  years before there was an "us" - in detail that was scary, actually but grand.  I prepared. I was ready and jubilant and grateful.  My late husband and I did so well , and then even better with the children, and we welcomed all aspects of a good and giving life, for seventeen years.   But then he woke up one morning, we kissed, and his aneurysm burst, he fell and died.  The 1981 moment.

I'd not been a chattel, or dormant at all, ever ,  and yet, not just our lives had been stricken - our matrix had gone mad,  at that time, inflicting further injuries on us while grieving.    In 1981, Praising God was not the sterile act of a dutiful soul, or  the dainty act of a churchlady, but horrible life breaths, in gasps of gratitude,  for the holy strength that allowed us to cope and even win the moments.

Before the promised new sunrise arrived,  there was a very long night - and  I knew the heart of the Mother in the Solomon story and worse.   Even major achievements in life before and since,  were non-events by comparison.   I have been an innocent accused  and slandered and at one point, literally beaten, raped, robbed and left for dead in a ditch.   And obstructed in obtaining justice and even modest compensation.

Therefore:  what I was not able to fix I must at least report and share.  It's stories - true ones.   If it is  true,  if it is real, if it is life - yours, mine , ours -  it is not boring.  May the telling of it support that thought.  Tell me where it bores or oppresses - it is not chiseled in granite - usually easy to fix and still stay true.   


Timeline - 2. why is it about time? Happy New Year!

It is a beautiful new year and I am thrilled - truly thrilled - about a lot of things in my life, at upper midlife.  This is the first of "Timeline" stories. Introduction of a sort.

Work and love to share in all directions and good health, gold stars, and a neat snowy night in Connecticut to write its start. still, to maybe do the good things, before I am too old, or lose health and powers.    This is a good time:  Profound terrors and trepidations have been won through - most with Triumph - a few unfixable Failures.  But both  took years to integrate into the normal flow of life,  so that they could be written and shared.

I will  be genuine  - not vain with masks anyone can penetrate - Life is easy - pay attention. 

Our successes or failures must not blind us to that bit in the human genome where lives the  appreciation of the miracle of life.  

It is that passionate, active-not-dallying appreciation that  makes us want to continue the journey - do more life - even on the most terrifying, traumatic, tragic, pathetic of days !   And prepare to show the heart, the  smile and grace for the grand moments that must be just right. 

Age may pale out our bodies, but so far, there is still that desire and instinct to  rejuvenate that dynamic appreciation - mindfulness, maybe.  The stories help restore the moments on this timeline that spark the rest, to create the continuum, and even entertain and inspire.






It's About Life Being Valiant

The Winter Holidays work for a long list of reasons, but mostly because it Sings the Song of LIFE -  in the midst of cold and unfriendly days each year where all is dead or domant.  At such times, life is not merely charming, or warming - it is VALIANT.  

 Maybe that is why we love the story of Jesus so much - a really special new life, one that changed the world, delivered  in the middle of difficulty.  Valiant - a thing made more beautiful and clear because adversity did not dim its lights and actually made those lights shine all the brighter ! 

During a time where,  in most of the world,  people suffer from the cold its discouragement, this wonderful new life came to join us and show us the way.   So, instead of hiding out or quitting or crying or stopping our work,  we use the cold months as a generator of warmth, of insight, of triumph.  

One day, as a girl, an uncle with farmer skills told me, as I asked why he was shining up his tools, when it was snowing and nothing doing, " In Winter is JUST when we do these things, and we study the catalogs  ,buy the seeds and more, so when Spring comes, we will be ready and our tools and our plantings ready too!"  I carried that loving chat with me till this day to share now with you...just a beautiful thing to brighten gray days.  And he learned the way to use winter, in days when the Depression made such fidelity to life a valiant thing.

In college we learned easier lessons:   the winter months might inspire our best works - the challenge of the cold reduces heat's stupefying way - and opens the eyes and the mind.   Clear cold lights are sometimes the best!    Every glance says death or sleeping till spring, but not us - we breathhhhhhe in the challenge and breathe out fire of the mind and heart and the soul.  Every beat of our heart is winning argument against death itself.  Is that why we believe in pursuing long life?  


Life Cleaning - Death Cleaning


Christmas and it's supposed to be all about life and the birth of the Blessed Infant.  Friends with new babies charm me and comfort me, this week,  as we bury our Mother and our formerly loving family circle seems lost and hostile and not likely to gather well.   The sudden death loss of my beloved husband taught me something ... NOT good about death.  Are we supposed to be good about death?  Actually , yes...but NEVER as coldly and godlessly as the current trend is selling it.  

 "There is no answer - seek it lovingly" covers the difficult things and moments - NOT the bloodless, soulless mess some are making of the beautiful process of change in life.  

The latest?  "Death Cleaning"  -  in which the ailing or older person keeps their home with things ready for removal upon their death.  To actually call it "Death Cleaning" - no.        
We might as well get serious about coffin-sleeping - done in hot climates for sanitary reasons and superstitious ones.

The tidied elder residence is very very good , for health and beauty, but NOT to call it "Death Cleaning" please.   And NOT to impose.   If the person themselves feels okay with it, fine.   But you have no idea how abusive it is to  be browbeaten into  throw away parts of themselves along the journey, against their will.    The joy of aging is dignity and pride in ourselves for handling life’s moments with courage and even fun and collecting and caring for the things associated with our worthy lives. 

And artist friend felt that he WANTED to clear things, since his name on the art was famous; he feared leaving behind works that did not come up to speed and personal effects he did NOT want found and misunderstood by strangers and him not alive to explain.   But that is the "horse of a different color" - the worth of the soul is upheld here , similarly, though the action is quite the contrary to "death cleaning".     

 Worse, I howled when  my beloved godmother died because her great senior condo rules stated “ cleared out in 14 days” after death.  BAD. There was not allowed  even the legal golden rule thirty days to give the family the golden rule 7-10 days to worship , witness, inter and pray and comfort one another.   I yelled for a change to thirty days for such

We are  LIFE !   At death times, we write poems, give endowments, spend special times with the family and forever after, we show our love for life in memories of the one who passed, shared with all who might enjoy them.   We support our own lives, when we honor the aging , dying and the dead.

But our changing society and its ways is threatening that.  Pay attention and act in support of your elders - they ARE YOU in a few years.  


Aftershow Afterglow

Monday November 27th 2017 -   grateful that good rest found me up and ready this morning.

 Study subject for Spring/Summer art

Study subject for Spring/Summer art

Monday is Sunday for many artists because they work nights and weekends often, and sometimes permitted to do my Sunday religious things on Monday, as well, since the Sunday idea is restoration of the spirit , study and reflection - focus for the week ahead. 

Lunch was wonderful Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and amazing soup!  Then it was about packing gear and on to unfinished business from the previous Saturday.  The bus at my door and ten blocks to Artspace Hartford, to pickup a painting that did not sell after this year’s OSH Group Show closing.  Two strong fabric artwork sleeves and bungee, on a wheeled dolly for the 36 x 48 inch framed art, found me trotting merrily back home - cost:  thanks to senior deals and planning - $2.24 ,  a fun fee for  a trip to America’s  cradle!

Connecticut State Capitol Hartford and the famous ancient burial grounds and waters taken by the Founding Fathers and the Old State House that ran things, including the famous Amistad trial,  upstairs,  and on the groud floor- well….ground:  a mini-mall farmers market with dirt floor in places for livestock for sale and area produce in 1776.   Today the modern Farmers Market pitches its tents and tables there as a love song to forebears.   And THIS Hartord is my stomping grounds for five years now! Wow!   The nation's first museum now crowned by a controversial neon “OMG” over the fine restoration, to show they are NOT only about yesterday.

Four shows done this fall - and fit again, after a disability - my window to un-disable my formerly-lovely money.  New legal and business help empowers -  I WILL do it.  Recent prizes and sporadic sales satisfy the misgivings of others who are not used to working “upper-midlife-ers” like me. Done making  less money than I made babysitting as a girl  - no more  - Dues paid -  EARNINGS now and money fixes - age with dignity.

These were my thoughts,  while minding it all, as the famous Hartford chill  city winds caught the large wrapped wheeled painting, as though it was a boat sail !   But I smiled in my heart because  I grew  up on Southport Harbor and loved it !   So I tacked thru it like a good little sailboat art and artist, doing just fine!    Ten or twelve historic blocks to the bus hub.  Careful navigation wins.

When the bus driver looked at me at boarding,   I said "not to worry, i am fine  . I do this all the time! " truthfully, and settled safely and was delivered to my door before dark!    YES...I love my life at “55-and-holding” !  Checking the FitBit ap when I got in - YESSSS!!! the extra work found me OVER THE TOP for the day's goals  and blessed home base met by day’s end !   

Do Monday right and the rest follows well.