People Are Not for Hitting

Today, thanks to the HISTORIC verdict and sentencing in the Bill Cosby trial, ALL women can walk their day’s path with one more solid bit of ground beneath their feet.

“People are not for hitting” - Women are people - Women are not for hitting. A person who committed multiple actss of violence against women and did not see it as wrong for him, nor expressed remorse, will spend his last days a convicted criminal.

”People are not for hitting.” The phrase in my title was made famous In the 70’s book, “Between Parent and Child” . It’s author, Haim Ginnot, introduced us to ways with people that work like magic and though written to help with children, those insights help me in my feelings and dealings with all people ever since.

The reason I refer to it is because so many still do NOT recognize the humanity of the woman. Violence against women and similar intimate partner crime is still rampant, and perpetrator does not see it as a crime !

Here is a link from WHO , The World Health Organization has a brief overview of the still horrible statistics on the subject.

I worked lovingly and passionately and sometimes in partnership with my late husband in many of the new strong and wise Children’s projects, and we LOVED Bill Cosby and his way with humor and children - so this case has been a conflict. Yet I APPLAUD the entire story. We should pick one major cover-up at Spring and Fall Cleaning every year and clean it right. Until we act to fix it, the issue will continue and the perpetrators will assault with impunity.

God bless all who showed the courage and follow-through to win this case!