The Music of What Happens

Feeling thoughtful and getting behind on the daily posts this month. I apologize. Listening to the music of what happens usually results in a response or comment like this one:

The last of my Mother’s generation was honored with memorial services last Friday. I feel sad and ill - “Gone with the Wind” a great power has changed. Life from them, and with them all these years was often worth a major motion picture, and even in death, the best of it remains.

Eleven children, some grown and caring for the younger ones, double orphaned at the bottom of the Great Depression, Mother’s foster parents accepted the baby brother, four years old at the time and their lifelong loving bond was formed. It was his passing we observed three days ago, one year after Mother’s at 92.

But even death is not so powerful as the human spirit.

I have found that, having bothered to do good work and/or love with those who have passed, when the tears are passed the spirit resurrects and memories empower. I could probably walk on water or on air, if I focused into the combined spirit of those so many loved ones! They are immortal in a way, kept alive in memory.

And in notes like this one here.

This last of the aunties and uncles, like all of them, gave a grand American and human example of fine work and love to best of their powers and all the extra they could cook up. I am so proud of them all! In more than one case, they made honors, money and love with injured or disabled body parts, or traumatized feelings - and did just as well as those in full health ! To me that is the thing to remember most for inspiration.

The Music of What Happens is the finest song of all!

I am going to share the poem , translated from the Gaelic, in the next entry I think. I hope you feel it worth it.