An A.I. moment

Apple insider article on the retirement of Siri's inventor, Tom Gruber  inspired this note:

What reassures me in the article :

"In a TED conference talk in 2017 called "Our Robotic Overloads," Gruber predicted that while some fear artificial intelligence replacing humanity, it's better for the technology to augment humanity.

What troubles me in the article:

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.57.31 AM.png

"What if you could have a memory that was as good as computer memory and is about your life? What if you could remember every person you ever met," Gruber said. "How to pronounce their name?" Their family details? Their favorite sports? The last conversation you had with them?""

I DO have such memory. YOU DO have such memory - I feel my mind is as good as, if different, than my computer's, and better in some ways.  - it's there, just to be tapped and restored, like your computer's way of delete/restore.  

An Dog is not a Cat - an apple not an orange - in spite of similarities and usefulness in our lives. Comparing human and Artificial Intelligence is likely to have odd results since their processes vary.

AI is growing up and will one day NOT need humans to create and maintain it....not so different from Assimov's book "I,Robot" written 70 SEVENTY years ago. And the film based on the book 2004 refreshed us.

REMEMBER: Laws of Robotics , penned by Assimov,  like our Bill of Rights,  assured there would NOT be any such war, but so far, most people are mindless and clueless re: being good citizens on this point. We are simply getting adrenaline from the danger in ignoring the when we failed to create the escape pods in the skyscrapers and planes 50 years easy to do now, and still undone, so we got to experience a NINELEVEN.  And it will go on,  till too many lose their loved ones and set up a wailing cry that shakes the very heavens, as Tommy Maken said in "Four Green Fields"    Even then, as we saw at Nineleven, we run to the powers to get them to calm us down, fearing our rage will bring the heavens on our heads.  But once a working calm is won,  we are supposed to regroup and get the issues fixed.....but you won't fine ONE WORD on subject in any news in the main.

FANTASY:  Artificial Intelligence, in my imagination, saves the day, one more time, by taking up the task ITSELF - making the rules that are a new Bill of Rights for ALL .   I see, in my mind's eye,   A fourth Document to be added to the Charters of Freedom - the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and and the Bill of Rights.

Humans and Artificial Intelligence need to get around to it now, though.  In fact, I am sure some of the I, Robot war has begun and we just don't think about it, the way we tolerate our beloved children wiggling around and mischiefing a bit, till danger is the concern.

WE DO LOVE our tech....there is no answer , seek it lovingly....but seek it.