Moon Landing ! FIFTY years ago July 20, 1969 10:30 pm UT


Correct the time for me… Father’s hands made the gold foil you see in the photos of that historic moment, but all the research I have been able to find, yields varying data for the exact moment.

We watched live and it was evening - heaven! It felt holy to those of us who had even the most remote connection to the project. Proud of my Father - but not with him that night - he’d recently remarried and was with others. My husband and our toddler son and myself began the evening at the television, waiting…. and siblings and friends dropped in to say hi and share the buffet I prepared, in a maternity hostess gown….our daughter on her way to life….and THE moment.

We were SILENT. I thought we’d cheer and we probably did later…but to get any of us SILENT…well, there’s a thing.

Handy page for reference.

day we use some bit of tech or other that was discovered and developed for NASA - EVERY day! Details on request - or maybe I will post a list here if there is time - special day is pretty full.

People squelched this program over and over and our sustainability as a species depends on its progress. Living extra terrestrially and space travel and discovery are our future.

MORE: If we had been able to achieve a fraction of the tech advances empowered by the Space Program there would have been no Nineleven - Occupant Safety and Escape Technology would have been brought up to speed so that all could find safe landing in the event of trouble in tall buildings or planes….therefore there would have been NO MOTIVE for targeting it…………And STILL many of the tech miracles today owe their birth to the lunar landing!

Thank you NASA and know you are WORTH IT