September 11th 2001 - the Dies Irae has become 18

September 11th Eighteen years later l must do better than these tears again ! Only the Innocents get to Rest in Peace

I did this soon after the day and in a shadowbox it was purchased and gifted to a school to help the children in this wonderful example of human goodness and loving, passionate patriotism.

I did this soon after the day and in a shadowbox it was purchased and gifted to a school to help the children in this wonderful example of human goodness and loving, passionate patriotism.

  • As daughter of Aero people, I KNOW that Nineleven did NOT need to happen - God Bless America but we have a lot of nerve asking God to forgive our Human Frailty - when it was more like Human Neglect and Irresponsibility, not frailty at all. We are NOT worthy of compassion in the matter.

    IF you LINE UP EVERY ITEM OF ERROR and NEGLECT and ABANDONMENT and BAD word for us that might apply on the subject, it would still not be as long as the list of victims of Nineleven.

    And our EVIL GOES ON: When was the last time you saw ONE headline fixing some of the issues that brought Nineleven to breakfast one morning? When was the last time you and your neighbors took 30 minutest to do up an online petition asking our leaders to FIX THE ISSUES?

    Christ said it's never too late - getting on board at 11 o'clock is as worthy as the early arrivals, asl long as the good goal is attained.


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  • As this woeful list of those who died on Nineleven is read, I here begin a list of my own - just a casual one of our mistakes in the matter. If you have skills to pick up one of these and win improvements - guess what? It's okay to do that. THIS IS AMERICA - OF, FOR , BY THE PEOPLE MEANS JUST THAT. Especially fit seniors - what more worthy way to spend the days, helping with research anonymously, helping the grieved, doing up petitions to get even ONE of the faults addressed and WON OVER.

    The new Freedom Tower is wonderful and may it be a light to those who bother to act in the right way to win the right thing and restore our worthiness!

    But the Tower was NOT NOT NOT meant to the end of it , but the beginning.....we can SO EASILY DO REST that must be done before we can call it done.

    The list will follow here today and if you are not comfortable with it, I apologize and invite you to keep scrolling past me today.

    Decent human beings ACT for the GOOD

  • Error and Remedy ONE: Sloppy intelligence and Sloppy Security - has been improved greatly - GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOD BLESS THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. We are a resource - ask us to help - we can help.

    Plenty to be done. Top of the list: most of our major cities still do not have effective air defense and response fast enough to stop attackers before they bomb or suicide crash. SPACE FORCE WILL help with things above them but we still need our planes and defense satellites to collect data and ACT in our defense.

  • Error and Remedy TWO:

    Occupant Safety and Escape Technology was 30 years behind and still remains wildly neglected. My tears still fall today because I KNOW that The September 11th attacks did not need to happen because, IF Occupant Safety and Technology had been created as promised, the MURDEROUS MOTIVE for attacking planes and tall buildings would have been NON-EXISTENT

    My people were aero and tech - I saw the designs when I was with a bow i my hair and all eyes of interest in what Dad and his friends were so excited about that was over 60 years ago.

    Ride their cases and do not stop over this one - United Technology said I was very right when I shared details, MIT when I asked for their ideas for the escape tech, scoffed at me - and maybe at themselves - quoting here: "Lady, we're too busy designing video games."

    The designs for Escape cars for tall buildings work for new construction but are easily installed in existing buildings. IT's even even EASY. Give the project to your third-grader...maybe a school-wide project to let the children - thousands of them - submit their ideas? It's been eighteen years - not too traumatic for them and they are NOT afraid.

    The designs for up to date care for passengers in planes costs more: visualize the plane fusilage as the stemwork of a bunch of grapes - the passenger cabins are the grapes, and all of it nicely attached for smooth safe flying. They detach to land safely on land or sea, fully equipped with GPS to bring help, and gear to keep the passengers safe and sound till help arrives. As I said - costs more but worth it and woefully overdue.

  • Error and Remedy THREE: Lack of Effective Preparedness at the Pentagon: since Washington DC, as our nation's capitol, is always vulnerable, the Preparedness is little bit better, but how on earth did a plane get anywhere near the Pentagon in the first place? Really! Just plain old-fashioned embarrassing! Who among us has even googled how any of this is all that much better? Do we get decent headlines to reassure us that fixes for our faults in this have been created and are in place? I beg for reliable data.

  • Error and Remedy FOUR: Lack of Effective Preparedness/Synchronicity a major citiy key site. The Towers themselves needed much more - there, on site. Ask the Freedom Tower how much better prepared tall buildings are today. Still pathetic, because the remedies are even easy, often subsidized - all they need to do is do it. Technology and ordinary preparedness can get all occupants out and on the ground in minutes..but it's not done.

  • Error and Remedy FIVE: this is much too true of all responders , everywhere on earth but has gotten better since September 11, 2001, but the overall stats for response had gone down at that time.

    First responders were UNDER-trained and UNDER-geared and OVERweight and UDERfit , physically and mentally - and on the day when being in sync among the types of response , they were a Tower of Babel for Communications and Interaction.

    And so the universal crisis response algorithm of 'Report, Assessment, Plan, Assign, Respond ' took too long to achieve.

    First responders died, feeling they failed, though they could not have done any better than their amazing heroics that day - they can be proud.

    However: The Powers that sent them out so poorly equipped will NEVER be at peace until they have won up to date remedies for all these issues.

    BUT WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW A HEADLINE ABOUT LAWS AND RULES AND ACTIONS AND TRAINING being done to make our Response folk the best ever, nation-wide?

    Ask your leaders to get some "INK" out there on this topic. I know that some things have been fixed.

    It is up to me , up to us, the citizens of the United States of America to let them know our will - it is up to our leaders to help actualize the good will of the people. WE ARE TEAM.

  • Error and Remedy FINAL: GOD BLESS AMERICA - I am a patriot and I love my country, but we all saw that day, how impossible it can living color on our tvs. And we saw our heroics and our failings, in living color, and all too personally.

    The attacks happened
    Responders responded
    The injured and wounded cared for and the dead honored
    The leaders of the world decided on war and war was begun
    The Department of Homeland Security was created and actualized

    But no matter how many of the bereaved from that Dies Irae approached government we could not get any support for finally getting up to speed re; OCCUPANT SAFETY AND ESCAPE TECH FOR PLANES AND TALL BUILDINGS.

    AND TODAY THEY CAN DO IT AGAIN....some snappy planning, development and followup and we can go through this even now...
    with the occupant safety and escape tech updated, the motive for targeting planes and tall buildings would be gone....and so......

    Please see if you can find any action on this topic.

  • PostScript
    If for no other reason, see what one Nineleven cost ( from CNN )


  • Economic Impact:
    $500,000 - Estimated amount of money it cost to plan and execute the 9/11 attacks.

    $123 billion - Estimated economic loss during the first 2-4 weeks after the World Trade Center towers collapsed in New York City, as well as decline in airline travel over the next few years.
    $60 billion - Estimated cost of the WTC site damage, including damage to surrounding buildings, infrastructure and subway facilities.
    $40 billion - Value of the emergency anti-terrorism package approved by the US Congress on September 14, 2001.
    $15 billion - Aid package passed by Congress to bail out the airlines.
    $9.3 billion - Insurance claims arising from the 9/11 attacks.

    Cleanup at Ground Zero:
    May 30, 2002 - Cleanup at Ground Zero officially ends.
    It took 3.1 million hours of labor to clean up 1.8 million tons of debris.
    The total cost of cleanup was $750 million.
    I think God has the right to see RESULTS from us, when we pray GOD BLESS AMERICA - and he bestows his blessing, we know in faith. We are letting him down, of course - he's God and we are each just a bit of matter and spirit......but so spectacularly?

    WE can do better. Let us help, we tell our leaders and today's immediate powers of free communication OUGHT to EMPOWER better and it DOES , but somehow, we are doomed to fail unless we make a project of some things.

    And that's where the Love and Hope come in....and allow us to say "God Bless America" in good Faith one more time.

    THE THING IS: it's not beyond of the things I learned from my redcross work is that every crisis is "stuff" not not intimidated by the scope. Pick one thing and do it. Join a team and do your part and it's done. Anonymously often enough if fear of reprisal is your issue. Did you know that the Constitution of the United States of America says we should experience Freedom of Fear of Reprisal? Not just reprisal, but the fear of reprisal should not be our issue. So even have a very strong case.

    But as the readings of the list of the Dead on September 11, 2001 come to a close, I remember ...that day and how it took from that day until Thanksgiving to pray one bead on my rosary for each of the dead. and nearly four hours to even read their names respectfully.

    And still I smile and remember I have art delivery due tomorrow or suffer reprisals of my own making. The bereaved of that day did the same: they took a second or two to share their message of LOVE and LIFE, mentioning the retrieval of happy new life and the eternal honor and love for those who died that day and since, because of that day.

    LIFE MUST WIN - God Bless America and all who were directly impacted by the Attacks on September 11th 2001.