This Woman in the Arts

  • I was SIX when they called me "Artiska".

  • I was TEN when my first poem was read in public - not just in school.

  • I helped in community and small biz with my parents.

  • I was SIXTEEN at the local Brainstein college helping in arts a "prototype girl" on campus.

  • I was en route to earned top career path, when family crisis crashed it temporarily

  • Local college studies under top mentors - met Jim Albers, NASA’s Phil Stern and a hero

  • Love marriage redcross and military art installations per USACE with husband partner

  • Motherhood and Wellcome Corporate move NY, NC, and back to campus ECU and PCC

  • Pioneer in a Southern Boomtown in fitness, education civil rights.FUN...the fifth freedom!

    Watershed moment I guess: One day it was all gone, the babies off to college, the husband heartbreakingly suddenly and way too soon dead at my feet one morning, and then the recession nearly wiped out all the money just as instantly

  • Faith and experience not enough: the entire path for my work as lost in estate resolutions

  • Restart did not happen till I moved with our gifted teen chlldren, Back to Connecticut roots.

  • Financially blocked , injured, slandered, and overcharged and underserved, WON anyway

  • Children fine, college and career honors, time to go jogging to save me.

  • Reprised old wartime red cross work, rescuing recession-injured to the risk of my own life

  • Work and study in art-related - children and I were jubilant at the emotional victory

  • Injured again. With the good supports I'd earned, I was helped and recovered

  • Resumed prize-winning work - one at the White House this time- it’s a story

  • One for the Church I love - a Blessing - then moved on to a normal living

  • Now? get the art selling again and recover decent money. 

  • …oh, yes…they asked for the book

And here I am today - Who will help? SALES Please of this honored work while the prices are still affordably set.  I will soon have a new dealer and the prices will rise.

All along I have kept nice memberships and I will soon have a new dealer and the prices will rise to reflect his hard-earned commissions and ad costs.  A long night’s journey into day, but - COME to the WEDDING - I can probably promise it, if you buy the art of Ellen May Bernadine Smith Fagan - Ellesmith   at her online home of seventeen years,

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