RIGHT NOW Until November 14th
Elle Fagan ART ONE-WOMAN SHOW at The Gallery at Gateway Financial Partners in Glastonbury Connecticut 06033
The images in the show are the first ones at the hoMepage Gallery - they say “LIVE” on mouseover.
find me for “the good talk” about it at any of the Contact paths here.

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Presence of Angels by Elle Fagan 2012 Gifted

Presence of Angels by Elle Fagan 2012 Gifted

Please come ! Holiday ART SHOW AND SALE    

FRIDAY DEC 14TH & SATURDAY DEC 15TH , 2018   10am till 2pm at 2389 Main Street Glastonbury CT 06033  
Heart-full event in Glastonbury Center between Wells-Turner Library and Daybreak Coffee Roasters

Art in the full price range $5-500 
+ Glass ornaments  
+ seasonal tags 
+ small cards with envelopes and postcards
+ dangles for tree or to wear
+ Special Guests - announced soon.

10am -2pm both days 

Possible extras:  
Carolling , poetry reading, Holiday Stories and more.

UPCOMING EVENTS - come meet me!

  • Winter Holiday Popup Shopup - at the site and odd spots this year MORE in 2019.  

  • Contact for details - Volunteers are rewarded - Be a Sponsor or Angel to help with costs, ALSO: Gift button at the page foot.  

  • Benefit Auction Event in progress - for needs created by the storms.

  • Contact if you would like FREE ART for your gift to elle fagan art. YES original art that you may keep, sell, gift or donate for the deduction for full value for your gift. You will always win with art !

  • Image at right: Show Banner is Middle Earth style since - this show occurred on Hobbit’s Day September 22! Glastonbury Connecticut 2018 At bottom/left, See Daybreak Coffee Roasters Sidewalk Cafe patrons in the perfect weather and behind me, the stately Wells-Turner Memorial Library.


November - my sixth time with this event - with 400 artists! 29th OPEN STUDIO HARTFORD November 3-17th

October was preparation for the November show and some quiet local work

one woman show sale BANNER copy.jpg

September was about my first local ONE-WOMAN SHOW -September 22, 2018 in Glastonbury Center - it was a very happy day ! 





THAT INCLUDE ELLE FAGAN ARTWORK.   new page  - please return for updates....elle


in reverse chronological order:


  • 2018 September 22 2018 One-woman show and sale...details above. July: New Offices! June: 5th Year with show at Art for AIDS famous event in Hartford Connecticut. Earlier: End Hiatus and new office and new shows and new files and daily easel work resume.

  • 2018 July - new office at Main Street Office Center Glastonbury Connecticut - back to work after hiatus ends.

  • 2018 June - 5th year contributing to the Charity Art Wall for the 9th Connecticut Art for AIDS at Hartford’s Artspace Gallery

  • 2018 March - “Geranium” painting donated to The American Red Cross wins nicely at their Heroes Gala

  • 2018 February - joined local Chamber - back to work - enjoying community and activity in the business sector in Glastonbury, Connecticut

  • 2017 November - Submission to the 151st American Watercolor Society Exhibition - the work went in before Thanksgiving and was accepted - no prize this time...but there is the show in April and related events at the famous Salmagundi Club on 5th avenue NYC and I will be there.

  • 2017 November - 28th OPEN STUDIO HARTFORD - my fifth year of participation in this blockbuster event to promote Arts and Kickoff the Holiday Season / shopping.

  • 2017 October - Promotional Basket of Miniatures on mini-easels at a Glastonbury Connecticut Shop

  • 2017 September - Promo Vendor Day was fun at my fitness center - HealthTrax in Glastonbury Connecticut!

  • 2017 Spring / Summer - TAAF for Aneurysm ,

  • 2017 Spring TINY MIRACLES fundraising to help with Premature Birth needs....

  • 2017 New Year > Spring - at the easel - with new work and studies


Six shows and some new work.   Details on request  The new work in the new home is a fact -  in spite of surprises of all sorts and destruction of the old website and finally the old iMac.   Some compensations have been paid - more to come.    But the show must go on and participation in  the shows and in my own new work at my homeoffice studio on the historic Porter Brook  thrives, with offers of in-town studio as well.     

2014  First Sales in New Home!  The work , the life and the health and the shows all emerged and showed nicely, but at year's end were star-crossed by a meltdown at my honored website 1999 - 2014

2013   Teaching at Jo-Ann Fabrics - watercolor and acrylic painting and brush care.  Thanks to one of my students:

 New homeoffice and studio in new Town - in East Hartford at the Glastonbury town line in Connecticut, USA - Just a few shows and mostly adjusting to UNdisabled status, and doing up new ID and insurances and house and studio supplies. Beautiful garden inspires.  Exhausted and relieved and exhultant to have won through the changover from Disabled to UNdisabled status.  Rent options are so bad for recently-disabled, that I bunked in at my wonderful "Mill on the Hill" studio for a bit and three other temp arrangements. The new place is half a house on the hill level that rolls down through gardens to a famous babbling brook!  And windows to enjoy it every day.



  • July - Significant mention in newly-published biography of Sculptor Dick Wiken - I restored some of his work.

  • - New art and new art, site updates and

  • - FIRST Elle Fagan Art "En plein Air" class at the falls.

  • Another First - attendance at Greater Hartford Arts Council's Annual Meeting.

  • June - Twins! The Grand Opening of the long-awaited Vernon Community Arts Center on the 9th was quite the gala -I am volunteer and group leader/instructor there. And the equally anticipated "Lighting of the Falls" - step one in the Falls Park Restoration Project per RDA/Design, of which I am a proud member.

  • May - Another lifetime honor - "My Connecticut Story" won me a call to the Old State House at the Capitol in Hartford to take a bow, as the Governor launched the new State Tourism Program for optimization of the Connecticut Life. Of the hundreds who submitted, I was humbled and proud to find that I was one of five chosen.

  • April - Rockville General Hospital Show with a focus on Photography honored me with the opportunity to help with judging and hanging the show.

  • March - I am a new member of the Rockville Downtown Association's Design Committee re: the Restoration of the Historic Falls area to a lovely park for all! My studio is at the Mill on the Falls and I believe deeply in this project and delighted that they have asked me to contribute some of my art to fundraise.

  • February - Watercolor Show at Rockville General Hospital - submitted spring florals as Artist this time.

  • January - Begin teaching Jo-Ann Fabric Buckland Plaza in Manchester Connecticut under Traci Marcotte



  • December - Will Teach at Jo-Ann Fabric Watercolor and Craft Classes at Buckland Mall in Manchester, Connecticut. Life-altering news - I have a surprise Daughter-in-law and she's British

  • November - Judge at Autumn image show at Rockville General Hospital. Also: noteworthy Manchester Road Race Female Walker crossed the finish line not even out of breath! Will Run, not Walk next year! Fitness project is a second job but working - artist is fit and able to do her business right after recovering from spinal cord injury.

  • October - Breast cancer awareness project with 32 other area artists won notoriety for a moment but did it job well - hung at Manchester Memorial Hospital October till Christmas and will go "on the road" Spring 2012. Saves lives. Worth it.

  • September - Biz license up and things in place and in spite of delays thru a record-breaking winter, the artwork from the new studio is planned and some begun.

  • NEW Work! Small sales and commissions - involvement every month ahead.

  • April Participation in Fundraiser at the famed Salmagundi Club on 5th Avenue in New York City for benefit Red Cross Japan Relief

  • Visit and meetings at the 144th American Watercolor Society Exhibition at their Salmagundi club base. I will show with them in 2012 I think.

  • Sales and Marketing projects and at the easel at the wonderful studio at the Mill on the Hill at the Falls. A good year is happening in spite of the economy.



  • Four moves during the process of becoming UNdisabled - not much power to do the art shows.

  • New studio at the falls in Vernon Rockville Connecticut - SBA counselors helped me regain consciousness

  • No longer disabled - Elle Fagan Arts can grow again!

  • New Member of the American Watercolor Society - this is a "newbie" spot I am an Associate Member till certain criterion are met.

  • Hartford Arts Council Fund Raiser - Farmers Market painting sold to raise over 800 dollars for the cause.


  • NEW Gallery46 in Rockville is OPEN - lots of great work setting it up, including a seven-foot geranium to make a faux window treatment for the garden.

  • Groups of paintings of a friend's garden while in transit.

  • After long disability, I am freer and quite fit again, to do my work and personal life!

  • December Winter Holiday pages upgrade and a Happy Holiday Season!

  • November ~ Invitation to submit to the CCCT-Arts Division State of Connecticut Artist Fellowship - meetings and submission.

  • October ~ Completion of 'Portrait of Comfort Inn, Vernon, CT"

  • September ~ Meetings to obtain new funds for Arts Marketing

  • New CoolIris Cinematic Display of Available Works is Implemented!

  • August ~ Artsite Store completes setup of Zazzle Affiliation for easy online sales of Merchandise imprinted with Elle Fagan Art.

  • July ~ First sales through "Fine Art America" !

  • June ~ New work! Floral series from a special local garden - soon to appear at the Floral Gallery at this site!

  • May ~ "Window Painting - Cafe Life" for Cafe Lafayette Restaurant in Vernon,Connecticut - my first 30-foot artwork!

  • April - "Tolland Rainy Day" won a nice donation for the American Red Cross at its Annual Fundraising Gala in Hartford, Connecticut

  • March - Affiliation with Fine Art America to format and share Prints of Elle Fagan Art

  • February ~ new restorative projects for private clients

  • January - Officially NOT disabled! But in four different temporary arrangements while the legal is accomplished.



- Lifetime Honor! 2007 Artisan for Connecticut to the White House State Easter Eggs Display

Honored to have met First Lady, Laura Bush at the opening of the show, which included a tour and luncheon - proud to have daughter along for that day, on son on cell in California.

Enjoy the story and images at this link

My submission and its other state fellows archived now at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas! Thanks to so many who helped. 

Stop in at Easter and you may see it displayed again to add to the Season!

- Restoration of Saint Bernard's Church 60-year-old Nativity Figures. July - December, 2007  The project involved 14 Life-sized figures, with lots of challenging tech and study required. The most purely delightful assignment, and a happy surprise:  Provenance research showed that the group was fancier than anyone guessed!

A blessing and generator of fine parish community feeling. 


Holiday Festival ~ Donation of "Connecticut Waterfall" to Saint Bernard's Church Silent Auction to Benefit the School. 

Creation and Sale of local Historic-themed Artworks.

"Forsythia" won "First Place ~ Watercolor" for Elle Fagan at the Rockville (CT) General Hospital Gallery Spring Show!




As always, one way or another, Artsite's ArtWithHeart is active! Your Purchase Can Help ! 


Rockville General Hospital Gallery's Summer Show Includes work by Elle Fagan! 

In the good company of: Penny Brandt, Christine Garthwaite, Leslie A McMahon,Eileen L. O'Connor, Paul Shimer, Gisela Troisi, Randy Anagnostis, David Halmers, Rebecca Dufilie, Bill Riordan, Jane Wallor Collins, and Ginny Emerson. 

Gallery is located near the Hospital Gift Shop on the new lower level! 31 Union Street in Vernon, Connecticut. Questions? Show Co-ordinator Rockville Downtown Association will be delighted to help! RDA - Phone/Fax (860) 875-7439 - Email: 


NEW PAGE! "Available Works" ~ Images-only Shortlist for Quick Image-browsing!

New computer hardware/software upgrades permit me to upgrade the site, and am offering a nice sale to show it. Some of the images have no price or availability tags for this reason, so do ask, with my apologies...elle

New arts marketing this year includes opportunities to share groups of image for reproduction by businesses that sell in quantity.

New Commissioned works include "Mother Teresa 2007" and "Blue Gene", a Benefit project in Memory of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member, Gene Pitney.

Restoration of the Life-sized Nativity Figures for Saint Bernard's Church in Rockville, Connecticut, is a Summer Project, and a Labor of Love... I am the lady with paint in her hair, and delighting in it!

I do Restorative work, on a limited basis, and am very excited to be winding up dainty work on a centuries-old glass painting of George Washington


I am interviewing for new projects and arts clients at this time. Click to contact with interest.

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Some 2006 shows and projects have included:

The work-part of being the Connecticut USA Artisan for the 2007 White House Easter Egg Display,
and my submission completed in December. awarded a Contributor's Badge to Patriotsite

First Craft Instructions Book Development - a work in progress. Watch for news of publication.

New Affiliate of, my isp of many years, so I can support them in confidence.

Participation in the Rockville Cultural Arts Exhibit - April

New Affiliate of and its offerings for research and pleasure
in books about all things Celtic. One of the best on earth!

New Affiliate: "Jackson & Perkins 'Roses For A Cause' fits right in with Artsite icons and its "Art With Heart" offerings.

"Art With Heart" has become an entity at "",
and 2007 should see more serious expansion of its activities.

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 2005     Private commissions this past year have focused onPets, including

Award for "Horse in a Brown Study", in November 2005

A special private memorial pup portrait

A private "Family Group" ~ of lifetime pets

other works, details on request

Hurricane Katrina spurred fundraising for response, from this lifelong redcross-er, and thru eBay, private fundraising and outright of gifts of art for other groups to use for their own fundraising, one thousand dollars was raised...just me an' my Mac, and the beginning of "Art With Heart" in early 2006

New active member of the noted Saatchi Gallery "Your Gallery" based in London, UK ~ Participation in their ongoing "Showdown" ~ a happy gathering of art and artists in lite competition, of fine energy!

2005 - Invision Graphics Site Award

Artshow: "Celebrate the Arts Festival" in Vernon, Connecticut,sponsored by Crossroads Community Church

Artshow: "Cultural Arts Event" thru RDA and ECSC at TKB Club in Rockville, Connecticut.

Great and respectful honor!
One of my paintings now hangs at the State of Connecticut Capitol Administrative Building in Hartford.

2004 - My first nice overseas sale - to private client in Ireland, and friends since!

2004 - permanent gallery representation - Lafayette CoffeeShop - Lafayette Square - Vernon, CT

2003 - Test-Market First Offline Auction Event was very nice but not successful. Learned a lot, and will do it again...enjoying online auctions for Benefit, for now.

I like workshops and tech upgrades, research and study, and have used all of them
to assure fine quality arts and understandable interactive.



 2000   Elle Fagan Test Marketing - June   First glimmer of the goals, and in a back brace from the accident underneath. 

And yet it was clear that it was going to work.

If you have interest in my work, a few favorites from my bio/chronology overview of studies, skills,
and achievements appears at this page,

Delighted to prepare a focused resume, on request.

Note: The making of the site is a story that became worthy of its own page; "in progress", the notes are viewable via the link at the foot of this page.

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Spring / Summer 2004 - Local artshows, "Artist of the Month" Crystal Blueprint April / May + Lafayette Coffee Shop Patriotic Holidays Display + Private Commissions

Autumn / Winter 2003-04 - First Arts Auction and Arts Marketing Ad Development

Spring / Summer 2003 - private commissions and fair weather shows

Winter 2002-03 - private commissions and website work for


Autumn 2002 - Rockville, CT Fall Festival


Summer 2002 -Rockville Downtown Association Offices - one-woman display


Spring 2002Hartford, CT, Tolland County Arts Association Sidewalk Artsale

1997- 2002  were disabled years and yet these works were done:

Snow Sculpture and crafts and Website-making basics study  at Elm Hill Manor Home for Ambulatory Disabled

Neighborhood Artsale at Condo community for post-Elm Hill time - including unsought-adventure

Private fine art commissions from new neighbors at Grove Court Bunglows in Vernon

Vernon arts events 

Tolland County Arts Events


 1987 - 1996   Adventure Girl Arts     It's a story - will link to it here, soon.     Widowed suddenly and too soon, with two early teens, all of us with extreme shock issues, at first, we recuperated and then we had returned to the place that had been  our home state for over a century , Connecticut,  and recuperated from bereavement and recession-setback, estate money went to our children and then, feeling fine about it all, went jogging back to work to make new money.....and then ....

1984 - 1986    HOME in Connecticut - reorganizing

1981-1984     Nearly out of business.  Death, illness , recession, struck me and our children and then the recession delivered the knockout punch and we were patients, working part time as possible and losing money, but 

1970 - 1984    Wellcome North Carolina RTP/Greenville -   ARTS LIFE ACTUALIZED   HOME LIFE ACTUALIZED IN PERFECT SYNC  nobody gets that , but we did!


1966 - 1970   Coming of Age -    Connecticut work and    Studies, Wedding, War Service , Red Cross, First Born, Viet Nam, Second Born, Wellcome, New York


1952-1965   "Artiska" - first work, an early art path , family and fine schools and mentors.

1947 - 1952   Glowing beginnings  "Done by Ellen" 


Elle Fagan -Ellen Smith Fagan - Artist      

Art and Arts Services:

  • Painting, drawing, writing, poetry - shown and read in public by age ten. Today my paintings hang worldwide.

  • Creation of original artwork - Commissions accepted

  • Direct Sales of work from Elle Fagan Art Website

  • Instruction in certain "Lost Arts" - one of which shone at a 2007 White House Show

  • "Art With Heart" - art raises charity funds. ( see "Arts Services" for Details)

  • Art-quality Print sales

  • Imprinted Merchandise sales

  • Repair and Restoration of art and some antiques

  • Provenance Searches and Antique Sales Development

  • Art Event leadership, participation, support and co-ordination

  • Selected Internet work.

Studies in the skills lifelong and ongoing:  October 2016 - Certificate - course in comedy;  Ongoing arts workshops and studies; 

Universities : Fairfield University, University of Bridgeport and East Carolina University, Connecticut Business Institute, Pitt Community College.

Awards and Honors:   Art at the White House 2007 ;   

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