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The stories here get rich and hopefully you will add yours and make it fuller - it's supposed to be about LIFE , not just about me, but, unless you contribute, it can only be my best effort from MY point of view.  So please enjoy the stories here and really let them inspire you to find the moments - I want to share the facts truthfully above all, but in the best way. For example: my Mother's stories of the Great Depression could be intensely sad, but if you asked her, she would remember the little pup she had and would fee and dress in doll's clothes and push in her little doll carriage, with friends , laughing on a spring afternoon. And the beautiful homes she served to supplement family income in a home with a too-soon-deceased mother and eleven children - and later with no Father, as well.  But she would remember the love from her parents till they passed and things like being loved in return - taking off her Father's shoes for him at the end of a workday - the little things that seem to matter later on.   So I ask that you think like that  - share the hard truth as well as the good, but remember that you would not have thrived as well as you do, if you had not found the little lights - the happy thoughts, and fun moments you made or enjoyed, even on the sad day.  So now I begin........

1946 - Parents married and one year later, I am born - my parents were in love, home from war work and triumphant, and not poor - My father's parents were both married young and broken hearted but found one another and celebrated fifty years together and joyfully  with many children and their stories:  there was Tom, Emily ,Bill, Charles (Dad), Jim, Henry, Al, Joe and Bob and sometimes all of them and their wives and children at "the homestead" where they were born on Sunday visits - so merry a bunch - They were the best in every way for learning the good thing  - it was like growing up in a Normal Rockwell painting!      And as if that was not enough, Mother's parents may have died at 40, suddenly and just three years apart, but there were the years before with great love and many children as well:   Agnes, Josie, Frances, Frank, Leo, Mary, Louis, Mike Florence, Tony and Albina ( Mother)   - eleven!  and a few more who died in infancy.      JOYFUL - no sooner had we finished the observances from one holiday or obligation or rescue, or marriage or birth or graduation , or illness or funeral, than another was there , PLUS the reality of timely friends and neighbors ,associates and business folk.   Such rich days!

1956 - Sunny days, with good lessons at the hands of loving laughing but not careless parents - lucky us!  The stories for this time of things alone go on and on - we were always "up to something" as they say and our home, in fine neighborhoods in a good town in prosperous Connecticut. That "life is good" feeling was there at the end of each day - Supper always and event, and hugs and tumbling about by our Father as he returned from the day's work. And table talk till it was almost too late for children to be up.


1966   Then it got really interesting - challenges to health and money found us giving it a bit extra effort, but staying on top of love, work , home and school no matter what.  And then like a rocket take-off, one day we all seemed to be off at it all into our grownup lives, with some intense coming-of-age experiences, but again with happy endings!    Our wedding at Christmas that year , we joined the other Brides and grooms of our generation, home from war, like their parents before them , safe and sound and with honors - beginning fine grownup lives at  the work they loved.   And wonderful new lives - our children, so fervently prayed for and so lovingly raised!


1976  America's BiCentennial !!!  So much we did in those years - a symphony if you think of all of us and the grand music grander for this special national time!   Our children have sheer fun with their health and bright minds - "up to something" of their own invention, as we were at their age!  And plans....yes...plans....Since work and love were going so well, plans for more babies seemed to come into focus , and plans for our existing children's futures and my business to supplement his was on paper.


1986   -  Shock and grief for our nation with recession and for us with the sudden death of my husband creating THE watershed moment in the story.   With Everything was different and even all these years later some of it will always be too intense and not helpful. But MOST of the worst of it found remedy in our love and creativity and super character in coping - we can be proud of ourselves in that scenario - superfolk!


1996 - recovery happened from the days of challenge in the late 80s but I was disabled after an accident in the early nineties inflicted injuries that worsened instead of healing.   And at 55 I thought at first - this is it - an unplanned early retirement - you won't heal from this one.   But then I did , and did my art and response things again and nore, and healed enough....


2006 - YES - healed enough to put the art in the Easter White House show and get on with restoring a normal life once more


2016 - YES twotimes - UNdisabled, with new work in the State Capitol and finally now able to earn back the money lost while disabled.