Forsythia - original sold- reproductions available


Forsythia - original sold- reproductions available


The original sold offline - but printed items are available at “Forsythia” has won it's blue ribbons deservedly and is larger work done in fine detail and many hours were involved in its creation of some simple branches of Forsythia brought indoors for early bloom.

PRINT REPRODUCTIONS - the picture on papers or canvas in many formats - and MERCHANDISE are, of course, a great idea at Fine Art America
This subcontractor will place this image on the full range of merchandise: towels, mobile phone covers, tees and hoodies, pillows and even a shower curtain.

Creation date: 2000 
Medium: watercolor 
Size: 18x25inches (12x18 inches, image area) unframed 
Original: available, framed or unframed. 
Price: $1000 USD -or- Affordable Art-Quality Prints/ Imprinted items 
See details below -or- Contact artist with your interest. 


This painting has won twice in the shows, and has been entered in the 2014 Annual American Watercolor Society Exhibition.

"Forsythia" is a Floral painting in watercolor by Elle Fagan.  
A "Breath of Spring", the newbuds in February will bloom if brought indoors and simply placed in a vase with water in a sunny window. Forsythia is a flowering shrub prevalent in moderate climates, and seen everywhere, here, in Connecticut, among the first signs of Spring.

The flowers are usually yellow but you may not know that white and pink varieties exist and do well, too.

This painting is of a few branches that I brought indoors, when the buds first appeared, for the fun of watching it bloom.  More about the Forsythia here. 

Thanks for viewing "Forsythia".

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