LIVE - Summer- Geranium Large - framed


LIVE - Summer- Geranium Large - framed


Title: “Summer - Geranium Large”

Artist: Elle Fagan

Medium: Water media on canvas, sealed and framed - glaze at your request

Price: $1100.00 may be negotiable

This painting is stunning in person and no photo can do it justice.
Somehow it does not take over a place, in spite of its size and bright image and frame.
The Gold frame is Antique, restored and will be checked again and carefully packed for safe shipping

This item is non-returnable but you always Win with art:

  • keep it and treasure it

  • gift it to a friend - win tax deduction

  • donate it to your local charity bazaar - win tax deduction

  • re-sell it - win your money back and more -art appreciates!

    Due to the size and beauty of this image I know it would earn nicely for a charity auction…see to see how I turn art into cash for worthy causes - plus a list of some of the recipients of Elle Fagan Art With Heart Donations.. There are twice as many , but some prefer not to get public at my site about it.

    This lovely painting will become a friend - find me with comment….elle

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