LIVE - Summer - Geranium Medium


LIVE - Summer - Geranium Medium


Title: “Summer - Geranium Medium”

Artist: Elle Fagan

Size: 18x24 inches unframed, but comes with plain modern black frame.

Medium: Watercolor on canvas with gesso

Price: $150.00

This item is non-returnable but you always Win with art:

  • keep it and treasure it

  • gift it to a friend - win tax deduction

  • donate it to your local charity bazaar - win tax deduction

  • re-sell it - win your money back and more -art appreciates!

    The image is not glazed yet …I made this ONE for the current show esprit, and want to let it have the air for a bit. But if you buy it, I can glaze it with acrylic coating or UV glass in its existing frame. Additional framing by me at added expense.

    This is a happy one for me - already a favorite! if you buy it , contact me and we can discuss it all you like….elle

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