LIVE - Thistle Pair on Claybord


LIVE - Thistle Pair on Claybord


I got the photos of the show images in a hurry and some of them must be redone, like this one. In the meantime, KNOW that this painting , water media on claybord, is rich and beautiful and a pleasure to view at only 6x6 inches in an 8x10 frame it fits almost anywhere to enhance and charm you and others. Done from life, I found it on one of my walks and brought it home.

The $100 price includes shipping and taxes and packaging within CONUS.

This item is non-returnable but you always Win with art:

  • keep it and treasure it

  • gift it to a friend - win tax deduction

  • donate it to your local charity bazaar - win tax deduction

  • re-sell it - win your money back and more -art appreciates!

    So I do hope you buy and enjoy “Thistle pair” on Claybord and find me for the good talk later - if you like….elle

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