Dies Irae - Presidential Election Day Nov 8, 2016

Politics has NOTHING to do with good government and yet we take it that way every time for the esprit - our lives and the lives of our children are at stake and we "mostly show up and make noise".   It's such a poor show that if we fail, it will most likey be about audience disinterest.    We are government of, for and by the people - for good and ill.   We can bring a government to life and we can kill.     This particular election has been a "first" for me - FEARful.  After the way it has evolved, I think you should "vote for Elle" as they said in Legally Blonde 2.   THIS Elle, though.   


Why vote for ELLE SMITH FAGAN  -  she is America.

Born of parents with classic, romantic and sociologically key backgrounds, her upbringing was trained for something - the best of character and priniciple and she soared and prospered.  She was red cross during VietNam and pioneer and charter member and startup crew for most of the  headliners of the seventies.  Some classified things.  Then came death and the recession and she suffered brutally, while saving her children and a few others in response works. She understands and got her self to war and to the homelessshelters helping from her strong Red Cross experience  AND to the White House with her Artisanal Jewelled egg from her strong Arts background and education....and the underlying passion for America and Compassion/Intellect in balance carried her in fine health to this day. So vote for Elle is not so far off an idea.

Her platform?   Clean and Green - honesty and disclosure. Thinking out of the box to optimize the box.   Breakthroughs she would win, in a few basics that should have won thru a long time ago in the following areas just to start:

WORLD PEACE - Wars can be reduced and even eliminated by strengthening the power of negotiations and agreements.  And we won't do it.    KEVLAR and other top equipment for ALL our soldiers under fire.  The number of casualties can be greatly reduced by better safety provisions for our fighters;  I think it a monstrous thing that our heroes are NOT equipped by the military for lifesaving needs. Instead, they must buy their own bulletproofing!  How  Wildly wrong of us!  And, even then,  much of what is offered them is sub-standard - not really topstuff.  They are laying their lives on the line for us and we fail them!   We will pay - ARE paying - whether we know it or not.  

TECHNOLOGICAL LIFESAVING - seatbelts on trains and busses and safe paths and train tracks and my top banner?  Occupant Safety and Escape tech:   Nineleven did not need to happen - we bought it.  If intelligence could not prevent it, responsible Occupant Safety and Escape Technology would have done two things:   ONE:  it would have allowed for safe escape and almost zero loss of innocent life.   It was promised over 50 years ago and easy tech today.  But Architecture and Aeronautics squelch the topic and bribe media and government to leave them alone on the subject !   And, though thousands die needlessly, you won't see even a story about it on tv or in the papers.   TWO:  with the safe egress of the peopel guaranteed, the terrorists would have NOT been interested in them as a target - why? No one would be hurt, and so no motive.    The mechanics are easy today and affordable and able to be installed in existing structures.

MONEY -  Our issues can be resolved and our national debt honestly reduced to zero or near so, like any honest production.  And we won't do it.  HOW?  A simple list that WORKS for other nations and would work for us easily if we were not determined to be blockheads on the subject:  

1. OWN the casinos - adds a lot of money and subtracts a lot of crime in that realm 

2.  All prisoners in our jails and prisons EARN their keep and a bit to put by - that makes the prison system self-supporting and NOT a tax burden or addition to the national debt; it keeps the prisoners growing in work ethic character and not crime-ethic ways; it allows us to imprison as fully as we should instead of letting them loose to commit more crime and learn nothing to help them become honest citizens.  Do not tell me it cannot be done. It is easier than ever.  

3. Call in our debts - government in our country thinks it is a country club and the suggestion that people pay us what they owe strikes them as bizarre, when it is a basic to decency , honesty and NOTfraud.    

4. WINNING by EARNING the right to become American:  I am not sure of this one, but it at least shows thought:  to cut down on the influx of aliens, allow the green cards if they subscribe to becoming American with a subscription fee, payable from earnings. They must not be unemployed.  The prison concept updates helps here since, if prisoners must work and earn while in prison and the prisons are self-supporting, then we can incarcerate vagrants / unemployed illegals and let them earn it, if they want it here.  Most of us had to EARN the good things we enjoy and yet these people just pile in and bully everyone and we are supposed to let them do this? no.  The prison idea works because the drug and crime re: illegals are minimized and good character growth improved within prison walls.   Of course one would not imprison these with hardened felons.

REGAINING LOST HUMANITY IN EVERYDAY LIFE IN AMERICA -  we have been amazing in our response to the population explosion, and two-career households - provided thousands of paths to adequately provide goods and services for all these people!     But we really lost it at first and it still shows.  So let's take a breath and center a bit and put on a more civilized show now:    the little things that mean a LOT :  Simply saying "children" instead of "kids" so much would give people what they say they want.    Wearing a suit at work time, a gown at the evening event and recreation wear and casual wear more and much less overuse of  jeans.   Small things like that make a big difference in the human midset.    Regaining balance and putting the sex and violence back in perspective with the whole of human experience in every place in society:   media, like our tv and film and literature and music and schools and churches and social scenarios.     We can also do a few things that empower our compassionate response  and minimize costs and margin for error and increase the effectiveness of the many helping groups.


WE CAN FIX things because of our wonderful empowering and adaptable Constitution.  Still, We buy our issues with both hands and then expect respect when we merely react to them like hysterics and refuse to simply "set it back to rights" .

We need to continue in equal rights on the basis of any criteria, including age and we will be doing it right:  we  lean on youthful members of society too  hard because at least nature makes them see life as easily do-able, though they lack the sense of experience and care, and  wisdom and right-minded use of power that only comes with age.  We need to mix it up better and lovingly and it gets better.   NO entitlement or bullying - that is not rights - that is "might makes right" illegal. One bully is the same as another.

Our nation, The United States of America, was and is the best every dreamt of, bled for and won!   We have no right to neglect her to death!   Vote for Elle and at least that much will be better.