About the Sitemaking - an Artist's Process

Both parents and children are Sci-Arts folk - with very nice and occasionally world class honors in it.   Grown with small children at home, the men home, safe and sound, from war, I exulted with gratitude, in  the nurturing "second banana " role - combining arts and science with redcross type work - my choice, not oppression, but a mistake:   my early and sudden widowhood 20 years later was more difficult for both the children and myself with my credits , honors and rights suppressed and demured.   It was extra work while grieving to re-win personal respect and updated rights that made life work again.  But we got there.


Then ten years later, at Y2K, an accident immobilized me and changed my life against my will again, and I thought I was done.    While at the home for ambulatory disabled, I discovered the ancient waterfalls that delivered America, 200 years ago with its water-powered mills, then world class power and prosperity when the mills served the textile and paper needs of the baby nation and the world, then recuperation when the Great Depression and cheaper imported fabrics dealt the one-two-punch.    The historic spots and buildings and many waterfalls made fine arts subjects.  

I healed in part - enough for a bunglow of my own and poking about for income that would allow me to work around good days and not so good.    MY ARTS!  I had used it time and time again , repurposing and blending my skills with my environment and needs and powers - and again it worked!

What could be more right than letting a website help?   But how to start?  I realized I'd done my first data processing thirty years before, for an investment firm, and had worked and played online enough, but not it would be more - God, friends and Apple G3 Powerbook ,  a whole new world of art online  - and my son's code lessons ( he is world class IT - and a fine teacher) .   He flew in like angelfire  and started me with Anglefire free templates , "training wheels" for MY new BigWheel!!      The save was even medical:  Fun with Angelfire's  genius templates fascinated me, and kept me focused off my injuries into nice normal daily productivity, and so I was not "doped off to a stupor to keep me in line"  and out of pain and physically a bit quieter for a bit, for healing.

Soon I could release the templates and see and manipulate  my own coded pages !   And soon I was doing pages of my own "from scratch" !     Then my own domain was needed -  and AngelfirePLUS / Aplus became my host and ellefagan.com was born 2002.   Making ellefagan.com became a story of its own.  

To introduce myself online, I  apologized for the NOT content-rich-ness of the site and promised better - and soon.  That was almost 18 years ago now and my pages and related documents fill a new site, several discs and a handy thumbdrive.   I promised "... to be timely in its completion."   I did not promise to stop - ever.

A pro arts and injured redcross lady, with both corporate and private sector business to my credit,  I used my time well.   Painted and did meetings in the sunny hours and coded early and late.   I kept "the six"  - two in development - two on the easel - two in windup and delivery, to start.  Sometimes the six was six, six, six at the stages but having been warned about that configuration of numbers by the Bible, I did not go there much or stay there if i happened there.

As an artist, I can see the healing in my work, over time, and when some are stopping I seem to be doing my best work and then a wind-down to be realistic.  Longevity is a family trait and I am aiming that way and not undermining it much.

And hope that my rapport with my own life  and gratitude for it,  show in the work, as well. 

America needs to hear more of the good news
like that going on in Connecticut USA, 
and know that America works !

And so down to work at the website left me laughing at its lessons :

  • BACKUP   Well-begun...at the first bits of creation it is important to  make data backup and update it
  • CODE TRUTH   html is robotic, beautiful logic...it does what you tell it to do, and, 99 times out of 100, if it does the wrong thing, it means that YOU TOLD IT to do the wrong thing. Take a refreshing breath of something and see where it went off.   There are, however, the remaining times when the error was not of your making - learn to find the culprit and fix.
  • MENTAL HEALTH workout - trash some work - mess up a page - remove some disciplining code markup and watch your page go ballistic , till you laugh and learn that nothing bad will happen - the computer will not blow up and you can fix the issue. EMPOWERING.
  • LEGAL fixes - getting back to work at any level, after being disabled is encouraged passionately but you'd never know it !    At times,  My Mac was the only thing NOT throwing sparks  - I love you, Mac - and the legal helpers online and off.

And in February of 2002, the upgrade to "ellefagan.com" became real, and named "An Elle Fagan Artsite"    I wrote, "I hope to achieve with "an elle fagan artsite", in several ways: 

  1. Sharing the art and stories in a purely aesthetic sense
  2. Making the art available for purchase, online and off.
  3. Posting and sending my images to implement offline 'real world" shows and sales.
  4. Making my statement, in a non-invasive, non-toxic fashion that

Today, since about 2003, I have done dozens of shows and sales of my work and that of others- found restoration work and teaching to do and prizes I might seek and win. I enjoy memberships and news and studies and opinion in the arts world daily. And now that I am UNdisabled, the business development for restoration of my income is happening.  Alllll thanks to the internet and ellefagan.com. Thanks to all who help!

 This I learned:
nothing wins better than an arts career focus, for its flexibility in a range of life scenarios...the concepts in sharing a quality online art gallery are very exciting and full of meaning for me...more on this later.