Summer Reading

July and we may duck indoors to escape heat, it's plenty of outdoors time,  at the pool, lake or beach or breezing about for business or pleasure!  We are happy escapees from winter's confinements in America's Northeast Connecticut - two blizzards this year!  More;  a fix on both feet found me wildly bursting OUT OUT OUT, when the weather and the feets finally allowed.  

Thanks to technology, wait times en route are never boring - audiobook and kindles on my ipad iphone let me engage with my summer reading choices:  Some white papers,  learning and technology for workdays/workhours;  some religious , some women's things, and health and diet things, and stories - fact and fiction, they make the time fly and fill the spirit.

But this is about biographies - a huge thank you!    Since girlhood I seem to reach for biographical reading whenever I am "in a brown study" over things, wanting a job or project, grieving, sluggish for emotional or physical reasons, in flux and lost.  Somehow Biographies do the trick, when I must be still,  my heroes swashbuckle for me - reading of the challenges and triumphs of the subject, I am entertained, informed and almost always inspired before long,...even empowered from within ... to get up and get at it once more, with new insights and inspirations.

As a girl, Lives of Women in Holiness, Red Cross, Nursing, Medicine and Arts of all sorts seemed to find the top of my list. Achievers of either gender in patriotism and science and wonderful inventions and business really lit me up, and still do!

This Summer?
-  Woman Transcendentalists like Margaret Fuller - do not always approve, but am impressed.  --  Innovators of the new Millennium - just finished one about Elon Musk and was just plain thrilled - did you know you can get a used Tesla for under 50 thousand USD?   wow!  I was hurt in the spine and thought I'd never drive again, so I sold the car to pay the medical bills a bit.....then of all things - I  healed!   instead of a wheelchair, it was the Manchester Road Race / Walkers.  Instead of death, life and plenty of it back at my work including one that went to the White House.
- For the Fourth of July, "John Adams" and his famous lady Abigail

The list goes on  Elizabeth Vigée LeBrun and her important portraiture and much more. Czeslaw Miłosc. the Polish poet, Elie Weisel, and last summer, Edna Gladney.  Somehow reading biography really helps me because it focuses like other media do not and so the results are better.   My Nancy Drew Collection, while not exactly biography to some folk , is very real to me and her immortal fans of her immortal , never changing , ever evolving self. 

What are YOU reading this summer?  I am not being silly, I am interested in your comments about it:  where does summer reading take you???