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Notes about relevant issues will appear here, for my records and to help in the event that I am injured, or fall ill, while away from companions, and unable to communicate with my doctors..... elle  

EMERGENCY DATA: in priority order

I usually take the commonly prescribed meds without reaction  - see explanation below because I DO classify as
"Random Meds Allergies: please test before administering medications.  

LIST of Meds Reactions Scenarios:

- Father's beer - they were watching early tv baseball with their glasses on the floor, and loved it , got woozy and bumped my head.  No issues afterward - around age 2.

- Clorox - mother borrowed a glassful from a neighbor and it was on the counter - I thought it lemonade, and  and sipped some - but spit it out and Mother, called the doctor after getting me to rinse and spit and NOT swallow. I am not sure therere was any further treatment. Did not repeat that mistake - neither did not either - putting a hazard in a drinking glass and leaving it in a food place. 

- Stomach pumped in toddler days from munching Saint Joseph Aspirin for Children - I am why there are child-guard caps. NO brain damage.
- Anxiety attack at first novocain injection at age 6 or 7  -  OKAY with it after that - my molars were crowded to the extent that they would not fall out and be replaced by the permanent ones, trying to come in, so they were pulled.

MY family is very arts and science and thought followed medical progress and history passionately and we never had issues as patients and I remember being very fond of my doctors and dentists as a child - so good - made housecalls and smiled and were kind and gentle and thorough.

-  No further issues till adulthood
- 1968 back swabbed with MERTHIOLATE during childbirth for the saddle block site - created violent rash like a swollen red velvet pillow at the back. Treated with antihistamine and gone in 2 weeks.    I will never be sure exactly which of several factors caused the reaction, since I  have used merthiolate before and since with no reaction.  So I blame the combination:   childbirth stress or some combination of meds issue - I had been given meds to induce more effective labor due to overlong 22-hour time in labor room in a crowded army hospital in wartime.   Doctor Claude Hollingsworth of NC finally rescued me " C'mon, Miz Fagan, let's have this baby!"  as he scolded staff for neglect.   I had become too tired to deliver and went into shock afterward.  Scary.  Vision difficulty, teeth chattering, freezing goose pimples and anxiety and scary weakness. All soon fixed with  food and blankets and my husband's smile as I called out, through the tiny field of vision - "hhhhhave you sssssseen our ssssson?"   

- No further issues - our second child was born after army days in pioneer Lamaze Birthing Room with a obstetric Pioneer Joseph Horowitz.
MotherThe reactions were severe, or I would not mention this - meds combining was the culprit - a muscle relaxer in 1974 combined with steaming hot bath, sudafed and fatigue, sex and tears, simultaneously experienced, triggered what felt like a heart attack and resulted in out-patient sequestered testing for two weeks to be sure of the diagnosis and of my condition.  I was fine, but anxious from the reaction for some months.

- Don't blame my late husband - he WAS there and engaged and in love but his mother was nearly violent in her childbirthing style, throwing the guys out of town till it was over.  My more cultured modern and loving training he LOVED but it was a revelation to him.

I late thought that, if the childhood stomach pump experience was somehow related psychologically to  my allergies, it "sure would be nice" to get over it, since, I am at "upper midlife"  and meandering into the days when the quality of my life will depend, increasingly, on medications.  A problem with medications will, therefore, be more of a problem.  My late husband made medicine for Wellcome Foundation before they sold their pharmaceutical interest to fund their Human Genome project.   I loved his work and the good meds he made, and sorry he died to young to go on for them.


 aspirin, non-aspirin, empirin with codein for post-op, and truly prefer to use the natural methods to save the stress, for the rest, whenever possible.........change of activity, heat/ice, physical therapy, emotional therapy, social and spiritual centering..........

"Randome meds allergies means that I have allergies to some medications, all of the time,and others unpredictably...a prescription or over-the counter drug might cause reaction on one occasion but never before or after ( though , usually, once I have reacted to a meds, I skip it afterward)............Merthiolate, and tofranil and even neosporin and retin-A have caused rashes, itching, swelling, and once, an episode of hyperventilation, recurring for two weeks, accompanied by agoraphobic episodes. I have had no experiences of the sort for twenty-five years, except for a heavily drugged reaction to R_____(?), a common arthritic medication that usually causes little trouble.note: I am supposed to be bright and science-friendly, but have not had to make these notes for some time, and will want to go and dig into my own files to find accuracies. Please forgive the temporary generalities.



I am very close with family and a few special friends, but my lifestyle and choices and theirs mean that not one of them is a reliable "other".  

Still, in the event of need, you may contact, in the order listed:



MOTHER: Albina Filanowski Backiel Smith Duffy
490 Stafford Avenue Apartment 2-A
Bristol, CT 06010
Mother has been deaf since I was five, but is one of those miracle and inspiring people...fluent lipreader, she made a fine corporate career, travels happy marriages, and jogged the Golden Gate in her sixties, and drove to Florida and back last Christmas to visit friends and family , and celebrate her new sonic laser cataract lens replacement...at 78. We love email because it is cheap, so it liberates, and gives us the freedom to pick up a message when it is convenient, and save it dearly. Mother is a snappy Cybersenior, and health aware.REACH HER AT  . 

If there is an urgent need, reach her by phone Through TDD (deaf relay) 1-800-833-8134 and tell the operator you wish to connect with Albina Duffy at (860) 585-1255.

I never use her FAX#, so will need to find it and update it....but Fax helps her, too. Do not patronize her...you'll miss the fun! 

SON: Peter Fagan....he is in the middle of a move, so get him at work.... He is one of the founders of the SFChronicle's site"The Gate" and one of its Project Webmasters. As soon as I have his new address/phone, I will post it.
Peter"""""new office space 415-777-6330 901 Mission Street SFCA 94103 peter@sfgate.com

DAUGHTER: Amanda Smith Fagan....Reach her at work, American Cancer Society Meriden... 
Events co-ordinator, she is very busy for them....to reach If you have any questions, please contact us via the World Wide Web at http://www.cancer.org or call 1-800-ACS-2345. Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Or at home 38 Bull Avenue , Wallingford, CT 06492/ Telephone: (203) 269-7431 or her fella



both molting, and not to be disturbed. 

Feminine Health

A blessing! :-) Maybaby Sun, Cancer/Leo moon, and Scorpio Rising....seldom needed to keep a monthly chart...great harmony! Our babies born in celebration and delight, and verynormal conceptions, progresssion and recovery. Even with a lowback injury sustained at pre-menopause, the calendar and experience of menopause went like clockwork....though non-medical stresses caused too many "hot flashes". 
My Grandmothers and Mother had problems, and so I paid attention and studied, with my elders, and on my own, even as a girl, to understand; to mimimize fear; and perhaps to find salvation in the new ideas. When I was fourteen, reading the Natural Medicine magazine (Barth's ) I think, I read about Lamaze Method of Natural childbirth, and only Saint Paul felt the hand of God more dramatically. I determined to bear my babies Lamaze-style, and shared my wish with Mother and older woman friends. MORE LATER: 11-09-04..esf