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  • Completed half dozen shows and first small sales are happening - much much better to come - restart after a disability is work. Doing it - thrilled that I can! 
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 2007 White House State Easter Egg Display - Elle Fagan with First Lady Laura Welch Bush -  and First of a gallery here of key events in the career so far....  this one so memorable that it has its own page here  - God Bless America.

2007 White House State Easter Egg Display - Elle Fagan with First Lady Laura Welch Bush -  and First of a gallery here of key events in the career so far.... this one so memorable that it has its own page here - God Bless America.

Artist Personal Overview: details on request

50s- 60s    Born and raised in Fairfield Connecticut with honors in work and love and Norman Rockwell sunshiny days, and super parents,  but not without challenge.  Met my late husband at Fairfield University helping in arts, accelerated from my Nancy Drew high school chums to the all male university to help with girl things in arts.

60s Then on to Fort Knox Kentucky,  with my proud new husband, a  man who made medicine and hated chem warfare, "the Lieutenant",  eldest son of a seminarian- turned - Treasury agent,  after graduation, descended from diplomats and old railroad money,  to wedding , and briefly American Red Cross and birth of our son, a year later, at Ireland Army Hospital,   until his deployment  to his USACE Black Diamonds in VietNam [Bronze Star].

70s   After his service, back to Connecticut briefly:  I was prepared in my girlhood family circle, to be pioneer Birthing room mother and then with son and daughter happily along, from Connecticut after the war, with Wellcome to Raleigh/Greenville NC where I was charter member of a dozen crews paid an volunteer in the southern boomtown and "Miz Fagan' to many children some of whom remember me when they find me online.  

Blessed with so many Joyful years of work and play with Wellcome and my own work in the schools and community, I was also able  to continue college at their famous East Carolina University, and its $3M arts complex at the time, drawing top professors and opportunity for me , once more, with honors.  Just being able to continue studies I needed, WITHOUT breaking up the marriage was a bit remarkable, but they didn't know my husband, so they could not know how easy it was!   Health and fitness paired with  Swim Club and children's Olympics and Social events and clubs for the grownups for fun and civic and spiritual and financial gain abounded and most contributed to the community as well.  So special the things we got to do, back then, and we were always a pair and never bored. Our children grew up with good example in their lives - a lot....and fun.

80s    Then tragedy:  sudden death to aneurysm of the brain of my beloved spouse at a time in our lives of major changes, and the children in their early teens and myself pretty pathetic for  bit;  and then , virtually on the way home from the funeral, the recession hurting the money.  My Mother had been widowed a  year before from her second husband, my Father-in-law died olmost a year to the day later and then illness to two of my husband's siblings and sudden death of another of them, the remaining two living in frantic griefshock for a time.   NONE of the wise and wonderful things we set up to protect "in the event of..."  were able to do it.  Even our bank crashed.  Only Job was so suddenly stricken and stripped.

Yikes!  What had we done to deserve the sudden attack from life ??? We were good and getting better, still young, and always gave "the goodstuff" .
Remedies:  God, sometimes that was all there was and "God is sufficient" came to mind.    The good talk, as soon as I had regained reliable speech - plenty of the good talk.  Move back to roots was wise, since the entire region was in upheaval from the recession and even good friends seemed to have their hands full with their own challenges. 

Praise God for good background and good helps and the coverage from my late husband's Wellcome folk paid for our care completely for some time after his passing. Counseling, health and fitness of mind and body restored and the crying letting up, the grades and work got normal - the love not so for a while to come. Back in my beloved Connecticut, I learned a thing about me.....Like Scarlett O'Hara rejoicing that Tara was still standing after the war overran the area, coming home to Connecticut lifted my spirits for the first time  in three years...HOME!   And I knew we 'd be okay , as long as one has the spirit to make that effort, most will win thru it all - and now I had it.    Leaving North Carolina was awful and we were  nearly broke - money issues for the first time in my life , with the children in the teens and needing more, not less, money.  Yet was a non-event after sudden widowhood from the real life handsome prince, and now home was empowering again.

90s    Children off with college and career!  Normal breathing for me finally,  seeing they were making top grade again and making fine choices in their ways, on their own - not just when I was there.   Even someone who worked intuitively and very well with children misses so much !  So many things if they lose their peers for insights and awareness - and our life changes meant finding new friends.  There was no one there, at first, for me. No one to talk about the things teens need and the vulnerabilities - I thought my own smart mind was sufficient and it helped but NOT at all enough.  There were issues that arose that I missed entirely and did not learn about till years later, and there is more still to be resolved. On Mothers Day I remember the many many years of near-heaven with the children:  hard work, the good talk went easily and there very few fights. There was much fun and always the good love and care and guidance.   

With that peace of mind, I could stop the "off the cuff" jobs with agencies and get back to my arts/ redcross  sci-tech things and did, and even got some money back in the bank, when an accident stopped my life again - spinal and other injury found me in a super "she-shack" bungalow for ladies of nice background who are disabled.  With alternate therapies, i was able to skip the heavy meds that might have made the disability permanent.   I got a Mac and got busy online and found the White House Art opportunity there and it changed my life back to light-ful once more.  The focus in online work saved my life - so do not pick on your living-online friends and family too much - it may be the best path for the moment - though balance in virtual and actual world is really important.

I was still disabled, even when the main physical injuries healed, there was a mess with legal and emotional upheaval to be resolved, so I helped Red Cross again , volunteer, as I could - but this time I was too poor to work at on-site response without difficulty and soooooo ART WITH HEART  was born and thrives and I LOVE it - should have gotten into it sooner and it if you go to the page the PARTIAL list of events and reipients of its goodness is one of which I can be proud.    

Of course, Nineleven found me on a campaign - my Dad's Sci Tech DuPont/NASA and Sikorsky work and friends had begged for updates in OCCUPANT SAFETY AND ESCAPE TECHNOLOGY only to be suppressed, denied, humiliated - tech was expensive and not ready to do the job.   But if they had not buried the thing so deeply, it would have been a jewel in the American BiCentennial crown.    The tech is easy  - any third grader could do it, and Architecture and Aeoronautics CAN do it, if they wil....if they will.....if they will.   But when groups of the nineleven bereaved and myself  went to the  leaders in tech, and aero and architecture and even to Governernment,  two things happened:  they LOVED IT...the SQUASHED it again....the paranoia was skyhigh - to live with the losses of nineleven when no one needed to die that day for a long list of reasons really blocked the upgrades for some time to come.   Freshly recuperated and still technically disabled myself, I thought I'd better quiet down and focus on becoming UNdisabled and an earner again to recuperate my money as well as my body was doing - they promised wheelchair ,but  getting second and third and fourth opinions and studying my issues online and then THINKING it through saved the day- soon I was walking without falling on the floor and then walking a few miles a day and then in the Manchester Road Race as a walker , not runner....don't like running for me - swim and yoga and the good walk and the good talk work.

2010  to present:
Ten years out of my life from that accident and its complications and yet , it was full of goodness....I showed and sold my art reliably and steadily and with good groups and healed with the help my church and friends online and off.  I was ready to become UNdisabled  - not.    Due to my age there was wildly illegal "mess" at me about daring to become UNdisabled, and so it was not till 2013 that I was finally in a private rent again and restarting my business and working at my art and skills and earnings  recuperation.   All this time I could not date, either, and so that is  part of what I am doing now - enjoying more normal social friendships and maybe date later this year, now that I am used to being fine on my own again- no meds and fine fitness and great work and love ... and both my successful children finally married and freeing me even more to see the most important thing; they can LOVE and COMMIT again.  Praise to all the good spirits that helped.

Set backs and age slowed this down but then I look around me and see I do very well and I realize that I should be grateful for so much and especially the longevity in my family on both my parent's lines.  I live my days , usually jumping to get at it and  staying objective:    I do what I can do and not what "the talkers of old old, old" try to sell.    I am aiming to make 100 years as the statistics tell me is the way of things,  and so I do with the  old Polish "STO LAT" from mother and  " Fad saol  duit ! " from Father's side and all  of them wishing "Live 100 years !" in our proud American way!   
May it be so for you as well!   elle