- Prices, Terms, Conditions

  • Prices:   as stated and pretty standard - but happy to discuss it for the sale.  All Payment methods honored - ship when check clears.

  • Tax:  is included in the price of items sold and shipped to locations in continental  USA. Taxes and fees for sales outside America must be tallied a bit at time of sale, since the variance gets extreme sometimes and yet, so far happy customers have been the way.

  • Terms:   for completed original work  - pay at time of sale for works under $200.  Payment in installments is possible, with money in Escrow.com for our safety. When payment is complete, item ships.  When item ships Escrow.com sends my money on to me.     For more expensive works I do video conferencing to be sure the work is right before it ships.

  • Conditions:  I do replace and repair artwork that I have done and that of others, as possible. I do refund if really necessary, of course but have not yet needed to do so.

  • Options:  If you like an image that is listed as not available to you, we can discuss an original version or variation Always ask: Special prices MAY apply to your choice of item, and questions and comments are always welcome. 


- Guarantees

Simply:  the transaction is not complete till all are delighted!

MOST Elle Fagan Art is guaranteed by the Artist against any reasonable claim for repair, adjustment or replacement and sometimes refund,  with the following exceptions:

  •  Art Prints of my work purchased via my Fine Art America sub-contractor are guaranteed by Fine Art America and they satisfy claims. 

  •  Artsite Store merchandise purchased via my Zazzle sub-contractor, are guaranteed through Zazzle and they satisfy claims.

  • Elle Fagan Original Art purchased through a third party, or any of the "Art With Heart" project donations may or may not be guaranteed by Elle Fagan or Elle Fagan Art.   Once I am no longer the owner, my rights and responsibilities are diminished.


A few basic terms found in product descriptions of Fine Art:

  • Sold.....  if the item is shown, it is to show that something in the same vein might be available for purchase.
  • N.F.S..... means Not For Sale - though something similar might be found to accommodate a buyer
  • P.O.R..... Price on Request - means just that - the seller is unwilling or unable for some reason, to post a price, but invites your inquiry
  • AUC.....  Available at Auction - or sold at auction or tagged for auction
  • M   .....    Miniatures -  standard is 3x3 inches or 4x4s -  but anything under 6 or 7 inches is included.
  • G  .....     Labels, cards, Gift Tags - these are not prints but original art, in set of 12-24, depending on the design and costs. 
  • mm  .....  Mysteriously Missing ~ this happens, per loss/theft. Will re-do for you, with interest.  Image is displayed to share, at least in digital memory.

PRINTS and IMPRINTED MERCHANDISE are available for most items here via "Fine Art America" .

Some of the images are at the FAA site ready to go, but it is easy for me to add YOUR choice of image there for it. Just ask.

These are custom orders; and I am delighted to format them as you wish.

- Shipping

  • Shipping costs and basic insurance are included in sales price, unless special shipping or insurance is required.  In this case, buyer and seller will agree in advance on methods and costs.

  • Art is shipped by a variety of rates and providers, depending on the commonsense needs of the individual piece of artwork, and the preferences of the Buyer and Seller.

  • At delivery:  Buyeris asked to send an acknowledgment, that the work has reached the buyer safely, and that the buyer is pleased.


-  New to Fine Arts Ownership ?


I recommend UNframed work for sale - they arrive folio-ed handsomely enough to share and leave with your framer, who will help you choose the right frame for the image in its home.    However, I will work on SKYPE and other ways to try out frames and mats and sizes of framing things.   If you purchase the work framed, it will arrive with hanging hardware appropriate to it, attached.  Study the painting from all sides and at every angle.  This is the best time to note and correct problems, and get easy answers to questions.  TIMELY is the keyword to fixing issues with a purchase.

If you purchase the work unframed: At first sight, may look odd, too casual and too dark, too small. This is normal.   Framing usually solves the problem.  If you are not pleased with it, again, please contact me, and we will resolve.   Important - although modern methods have improved on the paint intensity issue:

Framing normally lightens the appearance of the colors - behind UV glass or glazing, the colors will be what they should be, if they seem a bit too much unframed.

Also: Watercolor almost always fades slightly, like patina and aging in other arts media, it is considered part of its beauty.  Time will lighten it bit, then stop, as long as the painting is not left in heat and sun to bleach, it can last for centuries.    

And that is why I try to finish the work one shade darker than the desired finished hue. This aspect of watercolor is also why it is recommended that the art be hung out of direct sunlight, and away from temperature extremes or dampness.   

Good news:  watercolor and other easy modern media are very easy to fix or restore if something happens - and usually not expensive.


Guarantees always mean "whatever is fair" and when it comes to fine art, it is usually pretty easy to talk it out and resolve happily.

An Arts purchase is always a winning one

  • The art is yours at purchase to add to your happiness and your worth.
  •  resell it, and get a satisfactory price at resale - some appreciation of the work's selling price may be nice, as well.
  • present it for gift or for your group's event fundraising.  The value of your donation is deductible.
  • offer it on loan appropriately and enjoy civic pride sharing it with arts events, or school scenarios or in your church  


Escrow.com and other forms of Security are available for Large Purchases. Here is how it works:

At time of sale, Buyer places the sales price, as agreed-upon, in an escrow account.  Buyer will pay escrow fees.  At this point, neither Buyer nor Seller can access the funds. With the assurance that the payment has been made, per notice from escrow, Seller Ships the Art. Upon receipt, Buyer conducts an inspection and if there is satisfaction with the item, Buyer releases the funds in escrow to Seller.   If the Art is unsatisfactory, payment remains in escrow, again inaccessible to Seller and Buyer.     Corrections to the art or any other change is made at this point.   If Buyer wants to return the art,  and if the artwork is returnable, this fine.   Upon return of the Art, Seller notifies escrow, and Buyer receives the return of Payment from escrow. 


I like escrow.com - it has been online a long time  and safe and honest.  Keeps the transaction full  of peace of mind and pleasure and security . However, this adds escrow fees to the transaction costs. This is why it is normally used for larger purchases only. Some online arts agencies perform the function of escrow agent, and this works , too.  In some cases, a bank or third party will hold funds in the same way, with or without additional fees.   



Original art

Each piece of artwork is original art, unless otherwise stated. If you like an image that is listed as not available to you, 

we can discuss an original version or variation on it...your unique picture, but of the same typed or style, or medium...one 

that does not violate any rules of copyright or permissions, or create client conflict. Do ask me .... I like to please.

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Auction, Sales and clearance items

Nothing happening in this category at this time. But I do "Art With Heart" projects , and eBay Giving Works sometimes and special sales events. Join the mailing list to hear all about it.



Regulated Images and Copyright

"An Elle Fagan Artsite" is Family - Friendly, COPPA compliant.    And an automatic copyright exists for all my images - copy if you like but it's nicer to ask.

However, Some of my Art are works of images that are not permitted to be sold without express Release by some third party. 

For example: images like the State Seal at the "Hartford" page. 

I was required to get special permissions for display only, and any use or reproduction of it, in any form would take special legal process with state Permissions people to achieve, and costs added to the normal price of the art, to reflect the extra work. 

The same holds true of the Tolkien "Lord of the Rings" images, at "Arwen's Work".

Copyrights and other restrictions are honored here - if you spot an oversight, please let me know. Intent on keeping things in fine order here.

YOUR Rights to Privacy:  
I like very much to share viewing of my images online, even after sale.  Many of my buyers like it when I say that they own the painting.

 However, if Buyer prefers that the image, once purchased, no longer be viewable to the public, this is fine. DO let me know your preference.

Prices here are typical of the field, and adjusted from time to time. But they are not rigid and so do ask if your offer differs from my posted price.

INTERNET IMAGE variance:  Online display distorts the image slightly; not usually all that much.  I have a respected web host and use quality photo , scanning and Photoshop formatting, with no false editing.   The image at the site should look like the one your receive.   Therefore:  When you receive your artwork, if you are not pleased, think about it, and let me know.

 An art sale is supposed to be a pleasure, and that includes transaction adjustments. Delighted to work with you to resolve to everyone's satisfaction.


- Internet Data Privacy Statement :

  • This is just a small private arts website to share my art, and I do not collect your data - only what you submit.
  • Your information is NOT shared or sold to any third party.
  • Google collects some general non-personal data for the purpose of tracking and targeting and they do not share this data. 
  • I do send news and announcements on occasion using the email address you provided. So be sure to find me to update it , if it changes.
  • I work in arts lifelong - including church and schools as student and teacher - this site is child-safe.   COPPA Guidelines respected.

Please feel welcome to find me at these Contact options with any relevant questions or comments.



- Returns  & Refunds     

Rarely happen here. Somehow, when one buys art it stays bought and passed on for resale or donation deduction, instead.  However, when necessary, returns  and refunds are done cheerfully, once fairness is proven.

To minimize after-purchase issues;   For the serious buyer I can:  

  • arrange personal viewing if it is practical
  • format an enlargement for viewing online
  • mail a photograph of the image
  • arrange for a conditional purchase, insured using escrow.com or a similar path.


CARING for your Purchase:

I try to scan and display the work online as it will look when hung.  

In any event, with unframed artwork from this site, it is recommended to

  • frame the work nicely and with acid-free and UV Protective glass and glazing.
  • hang out of direct sunlight
  • hang away from dampness or other climate extremes.
  • I will repair a damaged work, but I charge a repair fee, unless the damage/error is mine. YOUR homeowners Insurance often covers such repair needs, so DO add the art to your inventory and check your policy to be sure you are covered.

Financial responsibility for the work and time in such a circumstance are judged individually, by commonsense rules, with a goal of grace in mind.


I hope you have found this page helpful, and feel more comfortable about arts sales concepts.

I have won nice points for efforts to keep fine art "fine online" - if you spot an error, of any kind, please find me

Most of all, you should feel free to enjoy  "Elle Fagan Art"  at your leisure,  as long and often as you wish, whether you choose to make a purchase or not. Browsing for its own sake is what an art gallery is about.  May you always feel welcome!


-elle fagan