LIVE - Genista - French Broom


LIVE - Genista - French Broom



Watercolor on paper  11x18in    Was part of the submission at AWS 2014

Because it resembled the perfect white flower our saints images held in hand for purity.

 This is Genista , or French Broom.     It was my submission to the American Watercolor Society Exhibit in 2014 - but did not get in that year.  

A good painting. I will submit it before and after you buy it, if you like to increase its value.

This item is non-returnable but you always Win with art:

  • keep it and treasure it

  • gift it to a friend - win tax deduction

  • donate it to your local charity bazaar - win tax deduction

  • re-sell it - win your money back and more -art appreciates!

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