LIVE - Mountain Laurel


LIVE - Mountain Laurel


"Mountain Laurel"

 Media: Water media on museum wrap canvas
Creation Date:  2016  
Size in inches: 20 h x 26 w x 2d
Size in centimeters: 50.8h x 66.04w x 5.08d 

ABOUT: This painting hangs well and enhances any location - moderate size and compostion and colors that are easy to live with, make it a safe buy. Kalmia latifolia or Mountain Laurel is the State Flower of my home state, Connecticut - and of Pennsylvania, home of my Mother’s people. One of America’s own - first named in the 1600s here.
The name Kalmia Latifolia is easy to understand - botanist Peter Kalm in the 1700s categorized it and the species is “lati (broad) - folia (leaf)” or broad-leaved.

The story of this painting: ”Mountain Laurel” has shown in half dozen shows and now I should sell it.

Formatting: Framed to your specifications, or with one of my own frames in the studio, or “canvas wrap” UNframed

To PURCHASE: Happy to negotiate as needed, if basic payment at checkout will not do Use the CONTACT link at any page to let me know your alternate wishes for payment or formatting.

Ways to pay:

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A pleasure of a treasure for years - or gift it to a friend, or donate it to a fundraiser, or re-sell it. You cannot lose, buying art!

elle smith fagan

Personal note: Since childhood, the Mountain Laurel has been a special to me, The combination and contrast of the bountiful and strong, yet exquisite delicacy in color and structure of its flowers and the wonderful contrast with the dark muscular leaves always appeals - like most shrubs it loves care but does fine with very little fuss once it is established. My Grandfather had a huge collection of them on his property and Dad brought a few of them to our own home plots and I still remember the transplanting with him - he liked to teach and I liked learning JUST the way to set the Mountain Laurel and keep it watered but not too flooded - and I learned to be aware of the point at which the shrub was clearly fine in its new location, and likely to thrive for years to come. A pure pleasure. After twenty years away from home state it was the garden and the wonderful-sweet aluvial soil that drew me and I was back in Connecticut for some time before I could deal with my elation at the sight of plentiful Mountain Laurel once again.

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