LIVE - Vin a Deux

Vin a Deux 2018.jpg
Vin a Deux 2018.jpg

LIVE - Vin a Deux


Title: Vin a Deux

Medium: watercolor

Size: 16 x 16 x 2 inches birch bank

Creation Date: 2018

Price: 350.00 negotiable

“Vin a Deux” means “Wine for Two” in French, for romance and fun.
Two glasses stand waiting next to an uncorked bottle of wine, accompanied by a bit of cheese and oranges, an additional classic romance symbol, arranged on a sweetheart pink tablecloth with dreamy evening blue background.

16x16x2 inches it is specially done on Ampersand Aquabord -
The image stands alone thanks to the birch-banking side panels that make additional framing unnecessary but possible if you prefer to frame it additionally.

Aquabord is a clay-laminated board for water media artwork. Further layered with gesso for texture in the surface the water media is then applied and sealed afterward to allow the owner to hang it safely almost anywhere with a gently-washable surface.

Altogether a really nice work of art, that, since it can stand on its own might enhance your party scene or make a fine instant gift - one that you can move from place to place at your place easily.

Thank you for viewing “Vin a Deux” Additional images and views on request. Conversation and negotiation for purchase terms are always welcome. for many ways to reach Elle Fagan Art

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