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This page began while I was staying at  Rockville, Connecticut, Gene Pitney's hometown, where his was popularly known as "The Rockville Rocket" in the sixties.

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The best songs last!   This poster, following, is from Gene's last show in the USA - and I was there and helping and backstage met OMG Gene Pitney!   An unforgettable moment. Rest in Peace, Gifted and Faithful Servant! 


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Top Moments


Gene Pitney
Inductee 2002 

to the
Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame !!! 

Early Days: Academy Award Show '62
"Town Without Pity" 

Mr. Pitney's music  is a Rock Music Icon, and as vocalist for his own music, his songs often won the Top 40 spots. 
His genius grew to include work as author/composer of many top songs for major recording stars, as well. 
His fans may have been bewildered, when he almost it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a number
of times, but he won his place last year...a long overdue recognition for him a big treat for us !!!!!!!

Gene Pitney Song Titles: His Recordings: 
Work for other recording artists: 
Information for purchase of music, videos or membership in the Official Gene Pitney Fan Club via this e-mail link:

This spot at the site will list Mr.Pitney's Available CD's and tapes, 
and include the listing of songs on the tracks, and the year they became hits. 

 This early photo of Mr.Pitney hies back to days when his homestate Connecticut fans called him "The Rockville Rocket", referring to his hometown. Even today he is sometimes moved to insist that it was notthe place that inspired his big hit "Town Without Pity". However, the town may have inspired "Tower Tall" from its famous landmark on Fox Hill, and the downtown area has a block called "Mecca", another of his winning songs.

Mr.Pitney is internationally active today in concert and radio/tv appearances, and Great Britain is a favorite...his "home away from home". I hope his site may become a" home away from home" for his fans... an official site, and have enjoyed doing up my own unofficial site, so far, for many reasons :-)~~~~~~~ esf

Site contents will soon include a recordings list, news and gossip, 
photos, show reviews, and more...and all about GENE PITNEY.

 This photo is one of The Gene Pitney Caricature T-shirts, and similar merchandise is available, as well, at the Official Site. Featured for the first time at a Foxwoods Casino appearance at Y2K. Ask via the fanclub e-mail link, above.

Favorite Gene Pitney story~1966~

here, but this spot will also contain the Stories of other fans, friends and neighbors, with their permission. It is one of the extras of Life in Rockville. I hope you will find them entertaining.

A choral performer with a smattering of several musical instruments, my mind was a website for words and music of the times in Girlhood in Fairfield Connecticut. My "steady" and future husband, from Wethersfield/WestHartford and I were enjoying conversation about Rock and Roll: ME: "Connecti-cats are soooooo "Powder Blue", we never do anything exciting...all the Rock Stars are from Philadelphia!" 
HE: "Are you saying that you have never heard of the 'Rockville Rocket'?" 
ME: "WOW! an actual rockstar from our boring little state...I know all his songs...but I didn't know he was from Connecticut!....maybe we're not so boring after all!" 
Most-Recent Gene Pitney Story ~1996 ~ At my arts/helpingwork , as always, and home from fourteen honored years out-of-state, I was working at my art, and home from ODS with The Red Cross, widowed for over ten years, our children off and doing fine. But I was taking as much care as I was giving,due to an injury that kept getting worse instead of better. Finally, correct diagnostic tests and complete disability for a bit were prescribed, and this lady injured and frightened, found a heavenhome at a home for ambulatory disabled. Located in the airy hills of Northern Connecticut, I laughed for the first time in a while when the address of my new home was listed as "Rockville"! "Gene Pitney",I thought "The Rockville Rocket!" I had not remembered the name of town or rockstar for years! My spirits lifted - a good omen, and so far, it has held. The injuries are healed, I have sunny place again of my own, and fine new work and new friends to share with the old. A very lucky lady! There will be links here to other Gene Pitney Sites, but for now I can start with this one:~~~~~~~ an elle fagan artsite: My images and writings on the web,

And, of course, you are invited to drop a quick note with guest comment and
E-mail me with inspiring ideas for this site :-)

Earliest and silliest Gene Pitney story ~1956~, as told to Pitney Fan Club Co-ords, Dave & Guida, today, via e-mail:

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Subject: something reallllly crazy, but true! strictly for the fun,at the children's graduation time....
From: "elle fagan" 
Date: Thu, June 19, 2003 11:38 am
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hi, dave & guida,

Pehaps only another Connecti-cat could appreciate this very silly, true story,
but I managed to get it into words, so I hope you will try:

Affianced to my late handsome prince, famous upstate Connecticut artists, at an afternoon, "school is out" party, suddenly got into praise for my knees...1966. Nineteen, and a good Fairfield girl, I tried to be gracious, thought they were just being normally oversexed, went for a walk with a friend....... and made a mental note to check into it one day, but forgot it.........

This morning, just as I awoke, celebrating graduation of the 9-year-old daughter of a very dear friend and arts client, the memory of it all, and its explanation unfolded, in a split second...
...only the silliness of little girl days could account for it......

In spring of 1956, I fell in the driveway at the home of a friend ....all of us were taking music training of some sort.....the friend was not Mr. Pitney, but performs at Foxwoods still today with his singing, though I will not name him here.

The fall was nothing, but a pebble from the pavement lodged itself in my right knee, and there was blood.....a lot of it.
My Father removed the pebble, and I healed fine, but till this day, I have a small "Pit-Knee", caused by a pebble or small rock(-ville). 

.....this is profoundly silly, but it is still there on my personal knee....and I still had to be gracious while they celebrated the thing to the heavens, in Saugatuck, ten years later........the" Rock-ville Pit-Knee?"....Yipes!

Nowwwwww..........if we weren't all Catholic and musical....
...if my friend in that incident, had not been Italian, I would have thought nothing of it, but everything has meaning with those people,
and so I thought to share this precognitive experience and Connecti-kid memory.....

Pay up, Gene Pitney....sign my Guest Book! ....I am taking good care of this knee!.....happy summer!....
C'est moi!......... :-).........!

elle fagan

an elle fagan artsite
fine art and writings