It's easier than you think - we live in past , present and future and it must be in sync for most of us, at least "more or less" in sync, or there goes the day!  So it is only normal for things to get skewed, lost, stolen, attacked, forgotten, misunderstood, mis-appropriated, misused, degenerated, and completely overlooked!

For most of us "Make America Great Again" is a thing we can help practically "While you're up..."   IF we will.

Wanting to do this page to be worthy and accurate,  I Googled the slogan and found , at Wikipedia , that President Trump did not coin "Make America Great Again"  - Ronald Reagan did in the 1980 Presidential Campaign.  Wow !

To me, at "upper midlife" the slogan is empowering food for thought.  And some of the munchies should include:

  • America already IS great - one of the world's largest countries, in square miles alone, we are not puny.  She gives gives more, works harder, loves big, endures the pettiness of critics who could not match her on their best day and rarely gives way to pettiness herself   "Two wrongs don't make a right" is not just an old saying to America.   Every day we should express that awareness with a thought, word or deed, generated and then shared with others.  Only two hundred years ago, our founding fathers galloped along the roads I travel on my way - they met to act to make safety and prosperity from the ground up - they struggled with disorientation in a new land, disease brought to the benefit from "the waters" here in Connecticut; they dealt with fears of isolation and exulted in the pioneers' passions - the thrill of building a new world - not oppressed by time and putridity but all fresh and new - and the things they did were theirs to enjoy like no others in the history of humankind.   They died, some of them to achieve the personhood of the young nation, like no other before or since.   "....that no man need to live in fear of another"     When the path set for us so well at startup, wavers and suffers and loses sync with its own destiny, we have acted - and must act now, once more.
  • I honor all our Presidents - and am a good citizen and do as I was taught and as I have learned, as well - to pay attention, keep my focus and do my part, and respond as am able to needs, requests and insights.  I have even been caught on tv  yelling once, when the sound system and a windy day outdoors made my quieter voice impossible to hear.   After election, I respect the vote.  And I have done one thing as I can, no matter who is office, though I am happier doing it "when my candidate wins".  
  • I like the list on the President's action board and seeing him "getting things done" is wonderful. I pray for him daily and extra as the moment inspires.
  • I have been on site often enough and have reason  and mandate to post my own win win win list here...but must stop for now ....back in a bit....Happy Memorial Day weekend, all1