The Mission of Elle Fagan Art here is to share Fine Art & Writings that reflect a comprehensive engagement.  



 My art has won prizes since my childhood - pursuit of excellence is mine.

 “ Not me, but God thru me”.   At each moment, in process, there is commitment to what I am about to do.  Respect for all help, caution against the not helpful.

Financially - I was paid for my work even as a child .   Studies added more college and pro skills; married with children and half the popular corporate spouse / arts-spouse team. 

Widowed and empty-nested a bit too soon, the art saves me and I thrive, with more prizes than ever.  The work earns as I promote.   A move means I am talking with new dealers.  I am still fit and hope to work till I am a hundred years old.

In the meantime, I invite you, personally, to visit the art and writings and share the url with others.  Contact welcome.

I have never had a bad transaction - always happy resolutions, and often, return customers.

Any decent comment welcome - your thoughts are important to me.   Guarantees, refunds, escrow available. 

Most of the art is for sale and a needed income source.

Proud to be a working senior and AARP member, AWS, and Silver Sneakers and my church and keep it good and lively.

Fine Art is always a fine idea - try some!   I do commissions, classes and donate a LOT.  

Contact me with your questions and creative ideas.

 Work Copyrighted ©   ELLESMITH or  Elle Smith Fagan or Elle Fagan or Elle Fagan Art or any variation of the same Identity.