Ancient Family LIfestyle Y2K
Winter Holidays are about Family LOVE - yes
Donkey on trip to Bethlehem  in movie
Part of the Group BEFORE
Angle 2 of Figures BEFORE restoration
My angel is flapping her wings  :-)
all noses were fine  ... there is a story there...
Artist at work...early fall 2007
bases on the figures
"Lambkins"  figures
A slightly clearer photo - sheep and donkey
Jacob Sheep - Mommy and babes
Jacob Sheep - Ram Four Horns
Primer in Progress for a Wise Man
Figures Primed
Primer done...face paint begun
The new paints appear
lambies - real
Wise man primed
Tallest Shepherd
Youngest Shepherd - youngest lamb
Shepherd detail -
Reverence - "Before"
One of the Kings - homage
The new paints take shape
Glowing Infant Jesus "before" photo
Angel and Company
Eek!  Industrious workspace!
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