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Plein Air Supply List 


Contact Elle with questions - always    https://ellefagan.com/contact/

It's about a fine event to celebrate "See the Beauty" in Spring in Beautiful Glastonbury.  No restriction on medium or techniques - I will work with a watercolor kit.  However, if you work with a different set of materials, feel free to use what you are accustomed to.  Rejoice!

  • Dress accordingly. Check the local weather forecast. I recommend dressing in layers for your comfort.  IF the weather is IFFY we will reschedule  - NOT worth the trouble and dangers.  You are paying for a nice experience. We WILL have one. 
  • Supplies: if you don’t have supplies, contact me immediately.  I can reserve a set for you ($35 payable when we meet up).   BETTER:  Our area is blessed with a new Michael's Supplies branch -   Ask them for their discounts and coupons.  There IS a Senior Discount, and great sales and coupons  See BEGINNERS list below.   
  • Otherwise, run through this list :
    • Portable easel
    • Canvas/panel/paper to paint on.    Recommended size:  aprox 8×10″ to 12×16″.  larger is fine, but make sure you have a folio to carry it to and from the event, and set up so your canvas is not so big that if bumps the "space" of other members of the group.
    • Paints. I will be doing in watercolor and/or pencils.   You’re welcome to work in your favorite medium of choice. 
    • Solvent to clean brushes (oil: odorless mineral spirits; watercolor/acrylic: water. TIP: in winter, you can add alcohol to your water to keep it from freezing).
    • Brushes: a large one for washes on the canvas - any material.  Paint with synthetic or natural bristles. ASK me or the clerk or google it - the right one for oil or water etc is key.
    • Paper Towels
    • Hat to shade from sun
    • Small trash bag for soiled towels
    • Insect repellent
    • Folding chair if needed
    • Snack, beverage
    • Sense of humor
  • Wet paintings: be sure to have a shallow box in your car to keep your painting safely secure when traveling home.  
  • Bring ALLLL Acid-free and NON-Toxix items please, for the safety of all and durability of the artwork.

Questions? Fine me at https:www.ellefagan.com/contact.


BEGINNERS:   browse it online - en plein air painting - individual and group.  Getting it into your thoughts will improve the experience.

Do not BUY everything - start with basics 1 2, 3 etc.     - then, later -  if you find it not really fun you won't feel sad re: overspending  on it.   
TO START:     

1.  a watercolor pad with FIRM BASE TO IT  means you don't need an easel to start , as long as you feel fine painting holding the pad in your lap -   a coat of gesso on any firm surface will let it accept watercolor or almost any paint. Some sort of clear arts archival spray topcoat is easy and fun to preserve and protect all artwork.

2. one  brush, with pointed/round tip  and medium size  - or one of each small , medium, large in round and flat bristles - synthetic, natural or combination bristle will be fine.    

3. Colors- watercolor paintbox is fine to start - choose a good brand.... easier and faster outdoors.  

ETC - Then it's just some sort of container for water to wet and clean up , and cloth, paper towels or wipes to clean and blot and achieve effects.  Practice at home before the event if you can - more fun on event day that way.  Chair, hat or umbrella, snacks, hydration for you. Bug and UV products.

- SAFETY:   bring your mobile/cell/smartphone, with GPS on if working alone or in a remote spot.   Remember to dress for the weather.  

First time painting - entirely?   Let me know in advance and we can meet to chat things and you'll have more fun - https://ellefagan.com/contact/